10 Inspirational Modern Home GYM Design Ideas

To have a home at least a small room for exercise is becoming more commonplace. If the decision about the appearance of your apartment is accepted, then it is necessary to think about where to start. In that case, if a home has a room of 10 square meters, then you are ready to design and equipment. Start with the floor and walls. If this is possible, it makes sense to decorate the walls and floor with cork flooring. This sound insulation will be a reliable protection from accidental bumps. If your plans for use of this room are for fitness and aerobic dance you need mirrors. Wall mirror can be attached by means of accessories, special glue or even tape. The ceilings in the sports room you can sheathe with plasterboard or even equip stretch ceiling. Without appropriate sports accessories can not be imagine such room. For equipment makes sense to build a few small cabinets or shelving.

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