Rustic Dining Table Sets for Elegant Cottage Design Interior

Done in collaboration of Studio Aikp and Orly Shrem, this cottage design in Israel will charm us with its elegant impression of rustic dining table sets. Showcasing the warm and bright interior, this one-storey cottage is purposively designed to provide the soothing vibe along with the relaxing nuance flowing throughout its interior. Each room is designed to open as well, causing the total airy and spacious feeling to make it feel more comfortable to live in.

The fresh green courtyard becomes the focus of this elegant cottage which applies the rustic dining table sets. You can see it from the open and cozy living area that is done with floor-to-ceiling transparent glass element as part of this cottage interior design. Thus, you can see how fresh the living area is, with the abundance of refreshing green splash to make the warm interior looks more interesting.

Not only comfortable, this open living area is also designed with wonderful and fascinating touch. As the cozy seating is undoubtedly essential for ideal living area, this one certainly has one. See how the lovely modern and contemporary design for the cozy sofa and chairs are getting along in harmony with the gorgeous yet comfortable rich brown chairs designed with classic look. The functional fireplace is also designed to extend down from ceiling space, thus allowing this piece to waste less space. Located by this cozy sitting space is a gorgeous dining room with rustic wooden dining table.

Let’s walk into the bedroom. This spacious and cozy bedroom beautifully employs the light warm beige for its interior, making this room feels totally comfortable for resting time. What we really adore in this warm bedroom is the gorgeous wooden detail that brings accent to this modern and elegant room. Utilizing the built-in ceiling lamps successfully preserves the minimalist impression for this room. Besides, the beautiful golden glow as part of this modern cottage interior design for bedroom wonderfully accentuates the elegance as like the rustic dining table sets for the dining room interior.

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