Concrete Wall Panels for Spacious Contemporary Home Interior

Entitled as The Glass House, this contemporary home project with concrete wall panels is wonderfully done by Molteni & C to provide not only a stylish living space that matches your modern lifestyle. As comfort is totally essential for any ideal living space, The Glass House is designed with open floor plan for its interior, fully wrapped in clean and crisp white color. Undoubtedly bright and airy, the amenities built here are accentuated by the extensive use of transparent glass element as well.

We all know how white interior may bring an advantage of the ease to incorporate any color easily. Taking that benefit to the fullest, this contemporary home design with the concrete wall panels also include the splash of bright colors as well as the deeper neutral shades to keep each room looks more interesting. You can also see how the white interior makes it easy to allow the fresh green splash from the green courtyard indoors, thus helps adding more relaxing nuance for its interior.

Let’s take a look at this bright and spacious living room with interesting and refreshing splash of bright sunny yellow. Matching the white interior and modern sofas wrapped in the same clear color, you can see how the bright yellow pillows can steal your attention instantly. You can also find the cozy modern sofa wrapped in the same bright sunny yellow splash in this open living room. However, our favorite part lies on the wall space, which is equipped with floating walls to provide more surfaces as well as adding characteristics to this room.

Moving to the bedroom, you can find how refreshing it is to see ye bright yellow splash contrasting the gorgeous black furniture. Perfectly added to the simple open shelving units in black color, you can see how this airy bedroom may look livelier. However, you can find little surprising details that create the uniqueness for this modern bedroom.

As this bedroom celebrates small privacy without limiting the amount of natural light indoors, see how this bedroom celebrates the additional coziness from the use of warm, rich color accenting this room. Just take a closer look to the accent wall wrapped in rich color as part of this contemporary home interior design for the bedroom, as well as the cool concrete wall panels for strong interior construction.

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