Exposed Brick Wall for Spacious Contemporary Home Design

This Dnepropetrovskian House is a contemporary home with exposed brick wall spectacularly done by Yakusha Design. Located in a beautiful green area of Ukraine, this contemporary residence is built following the modernity of its contemporary style. You can see it clearly from its architectural shape and exterior design, which are exposing the clean lines to accentuate.

However, when you explore this Dnepropetrovskian House interior, you will find exquisite and spectacular designs that go beyond the modernity. Painfully wonderful and unique at the same time, this contemporary home design successfully combines varying different elements and materials such as for the exposed brick wall, along with contrasting styles, to enhance the beauty aspect indoors. Done carefully with respect to comfort of an ideal home, the interior of this Ukrainian home is also done to display the spacious feeling.

As the spacious living area looks undoubtedly airy due the open floor plan, it is not hard to find the raw and charming wooden texture shaped carefully to follow the contemporary style perfectly. Since this living area is also designed with abundant natural light due the expansive transparent glass use, you can see how the warm wooden tone may result in the extra comfort and warm indoors. Those impressions are also demonstrated clearly through the use of warm shades for this open living area.

Exploring more of this Ukrainian home, you will find this alluring vintage and classic style for the all-white bedroom. Not only seen on the white bed design, you can capture the lovely and adorable vintage style thoroughly in this bedroom as well. Just take a look at the gorgeous classic staircase design that will lead you to a spacious mezzanine that is perfectly fit to maximize the available space in this vintage bedroom.

Wonderfully great in the eclectic interior style, this corridor certainly celebrates the exquisite look from the mix of bright colors that look totally retro along with the exposed brick wall with wonderful rustic impression. Another exceptional details as part of this modern contemporary home design which applies the exposed brick wallfor this corridor also includes the wonderful use of glazed glass for the flooring, thus creating a glowing accent to make this corridor looks fantastically unique.

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