Glass Interior Design for Modern Living Place in Sparkling Look

Glossy effect and brilliant design is what people to expect in glass interior designapplied in a living space, especially flat or apartment. Resided in Hong Kong, Steve Leung Designers tend to make modern approach for the designs they work on. See this living room of giving clarity nuance due to white themed interior, as well modernity from furniture used. White plush sofas are placed with several designs of pillows. In front part, there is wooden drawer and television screen that mounted to white wall.

Luxury look from glass interior designis accentuated by installing recessed lights in any places. For example, this method can be done to living room in areas of circling the ceiling part. And for bedroom, lighting arrangement of this type can be done under side table’s areas. Make sure to decorate backdrop of wooden wall and use white lampshades to get paired with black bedding. White orchid inside gray pot looks amazing too.

Reading spot is then arranged by placing curvy lounge chair of white cushion in ergonomic shape. Install white bookshelf too, but do not only put book collections here, but remember to add decorative elements as well. Private zone is then arranged in upholstered sofas and velvet armchairs. White table is to put glass vase of white flowers and beverages for tea time. Dining room consists of long ivory table and white chairs.

Lounge zone can be used by homeowner to invite guests and chitchat together. Therefore, build stone fireplace and complete it with tufted sofas and black glass topped desk. But, if what people pursue is for glamorous accent, put leather sofas and velvet chairs around classy table. Then, hang crystal chandelier on ceiling area, and white flowers in below. The glass interior designis completed with glass walls and glass ornaments as decorative aspect.

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