Green Nature Landscape for WonderfulEco-Friendly House

If people want to have relaxation, one thing to keep in mind is that they need to get green nature landscape in their house. Aside for green colors and hues applied for interior, people may choose an option of green landscape theme. In this case, Edgeland House is suitable living place as it overlooks Colorado River. Surely, it offers not only sparkling water, but green field areas and bushes everywhere. Actually this house is created by Bercy Chen Studio.

As mentioned before, the concept of green nature landscapeis about nature theme, which can be translated to eco-friendly home with less consumed energy and energy efficient place. The shape of house is rather in trapezoidal form. Even rooftop area is blended with green grass field, as on top of it grass is planted there. It is like basement surely, with sloping downward of stone staircase and metal handrails. Yet rooms inside are in high ceiling design and built from thick glass materials.

Instead of bricks, walls are made from glass materials. This assures people that natural sunlight is entered inside in massive amounts. Furthermore, pendant lights in warm yellow are installed to ceiling for warm sensation. Dining space consists of glass table and wooden bar stools for maximum effect of minimalist style. Choose striped pattern in black and white color for sofa and complete with fabric recliners.

As this house is about nature theme, then it must have gorgeous and brilliant ideas for exterior design. It includes canes couches filled with white cushions. Do not forget about swimming pool for maximum refreshing nuance of water. And then, install lighting underwater so that it looks amazing at night. The green nature landscapeis then about balancing earthy tones used here, such as green from grass, translucent effect from glass walls, also brown from canes.

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