Leather Effect Armchair for Chic Modern Interior Style

Nothing can ever be exciting for design lovers than combining more than two design themes into one living place with leather effect armchair. China is famous for its culture rich in old traditions. Chinese Interior Design Alliance has successfully transformed the historical look of old house into high end style of modern interior. Minimalist style is still seen though, just like in living room where wooden materials are applied to walls and lighter ones are installed to flooring option.

Other than brown tone of woods, living room also has modern interior design concept though. It consists of light gray color of velvet sofas with striped pillows, also black leather effect armchair and rectangular table. Rounded pendant light is hung above, together with installation of star lamps. In front of seating plan, white panels are attached to wall and there is space for mounting television screen. Living room is designed between dining room and balcony area of wooden deck.

Dining room is simply designed by using long refined table and combined it with black cushions. Touch of greenery brings refreshing ambiance for rest areas. Peaceful atmosphere is achieved in working space where homeowner added paper lantern hung on ceiling, along with paper windows on wall. Wooden desk is attached to wall as working area, and then put curvy armchair as seating plan here. Hallway is then has gray granite tiles and green bench to balance out colors.

Bedroom then is decorated with black and red stripes of bed sheet covering mattress inside black bed couch. The interior decoration tips can be done by putting reclaimed wood of drawer to place some accessories. For example, framed photo and old toys can do. Do not forget bathroom, and thus choose to put purple flowers inside white porcelain vase. Wooden window blind give earthy tone and warm sensation which is suitable for relaxing room which is furnished with the leather effect armchair for comfortable sitting.

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