Luxury Villa Design for Relaxation Session in Beach Area

A villa in nearby Nikki Beach is called as Peninsula 1, which is a project of luxury villa designdone in St. Tropez area. This area is overflowing with luxury design and gorgeous theme, also in sparkling effect. After that, this luxury villa is added with swimming pool built in front of home area and facing open space of oceanic water. There is exterior design done here, including large umbrella on top of chaise lounge chairs placed near pool.

Another outdoor setting is set inside villa as it has open space as well in middle of this living place. The luxury villa design here consists of lots of sectional sofas in gray cushions placed on canes couches. Bright red and leafs printed pillows are added as well. Do not forget sofa bed in middle, which also can be used as additional table. Even semi-outdoor room is arranged by using long wooden table and folded chairs as complementary. Put candle holders from glass too.

Bedroom has classy touch as walls are attached with soft brown wallpaper in leaf theme. Black marble floor is added with soft brown carpet on top. Then, bedding area has black headboard and silver blanket, along with wooden panels stacked up at foot of bed as side table. Bring comfy armchair at corner, right next to sliding glass windows. Moreover, backdrop wall should be decorated also, such as hanging pictures in various frames.

Bathroom then has various vanity models. First one is combining light wood of drawers installed under ivory marble countertop and white ceramic sink. Simply use white painted wood for another choice of bathroom design in vanity area, and remember to put fluffy recliner near bathtub. Living room cannot be left out here. The luxury villa designincludes comfy sofas of velvet materials and then adds various patterns of pillows for cheerful look.

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