Pendant Light Kits for Trendy Dining Room Design

One should consider dining room design as this space is a good area for people to host companies and chitchat together with friends and families especially it is designed with the pendant light kits, other than living room itself. Aurelien Brion has brought two totally different design themes. Surely it has modern touch for each aspect it has, but then it is paired with decorative elements of retro and vintage look. Let’s take a look at first design which consists of white table in curvy leg parts, and then paired with red chairs.

In another arrangement of vintage theme, people can see wooden table with black legs for table set. It then gets combined with black chairs in wooden legs. Finish the retro look by installing black lampshades for the pendant light kitshung above in bronze surface inside. The dining room design trends, as presented by Brion, revolve around chic and trendy theme of combination from modernity in retro decoration. See this long wooden table in minimalist style, which then is combined with brown leather chairs for tribal nuance.

More modern dining room then has ceiling fans in black color choice. It also will have gray lampshade in rounded form. Decorate this area by using white porcelain of pot and fill it with fresh flowers. Gray wood is chosen for long dining table, whereas white chairs are placed around. Then, if people want to have unique presence, better to install pendant light in unique form hung over white dining table and acrylic chairs.

Sometimes it is best when placing furnished table next to wall so it makes more room in this area. White chairs in black cushions play big role in balancing colors from enchanting painting hung to wall. Then, glass lights are attached using strong metal. Oval shaped table is best when combined with leather chairs. The dining room decorating ideas with the pendant light kits are in form of backdrop wall or simply greenery.

Gallery of Pendant Light Kits for Trendy Dining Room Design

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