Ikea White Drawer in Brilliant Asian Interior Ideas

These days, designers can easily combine more than two design styles of different culture such as by applying the Ikea white drawer. However, there are still basic design theme of continental design, such as Rococo, Renaissance, and Art Deco. For those who strive for balancing harmony nuance in their homes, it is better to apply Asian interior in combination with Western style of decorative aspects.

If people are to be asked with Asian interior design, most of them will say about China or Japan. In this case, glamorous look of Chinese design blends really well with modern touch defined by West such as the Ikea white drawer. Marble tiles on flooring part brings eclectic look as it has bamboo bookshelves on both sides of living room. Then, install rounded shape of chandelier on ceiling, and choose crystal lights too. Remember to put lots of ceramic ornaments and/or porcelain accessories inside bookshelf or on top of table.

Ceiling in living room is added with false ceiling which is then framed with bamboo materials. It brings nothing than Chinese style. Then, use same pattern in red carpet rolled out under wooden table and white plush sofas. Hang paintings as backdrop wall in form of China old stories. In another living room arrangement, apply black and white theme, especially for decoration. Television screen is placed on white drawer. Behind this, install tall glass wall in carving of traditional Chinese design and make hole inside for more charming look.

Bedroom is decorated with background wall of floral print in white color. Place white ottoman at foot of bed, then install sliding wooden doors to connect people with bathroom. For more modern design, bedding is chosen in tufted headboard yet Chinese paintings are still added as backdrop. Modern side is seen from additional seating plan of yellow sofas and comfy armchairs. Then, Asian interior design style which applies the Ikea white drawer is completed with colorful flowers and wonderful carvings.

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