Interior Kitchen Design for Comfy Cooking Zone with Pantry Area

Italy is famous for its creations of art, especially in terms of home and interior design. Italian design can also be done to interior kitchen design. GeD CUCINE, founded in Biancade, is a well-known company which creates fusion design of modern touch and traditional look. Let’s see first kitchen model of black wooden panels for flooring part, whereas drawers and cabinets are chosen in white color theme. Gray stone is used in countertop both for pantry and island areas.

Minimalist style of Italian design for interior kitchen designis seen here, in which there is different arrangement for island and pantry areas. Pantry then has white cabinets and drawers, whereas light wood is used as backsplash design. Meanwhile, island will have light wood installed for drawers yet white countertop is used. People can also apply this kind of style by using other combination. For example, white cabinets are paired with gray granite stone.

Italian design of kitchen is surely seen in this brown themed space. Checkered tiles of white and brown are installed to flooring part. Then, cabinets and drawers are made from furnished woods, in which cabinets have frosted glass doors. Dining space is also designed here, of which it has wooden table and chairs in brown velvet cushions. People can combine dark gray drawers with light yellow cabinets, and then hang unique lampshade on ceiling.

There are still lots of combinations can be made. Glossy acrylic surface of brown tone is added under white countertop. After this one, use light wood for cabinet but combine it with darker tone of wood for countertop area. Elegant design is then seen in glossy white table combined with black chairs in high backseat. Muted tones are great for kitchen design though. And for interior kitchen design, make sure that gorgeous cutlery and dishes are seen in cabinets.

Gallery of Interior Kitchen Design for Comfy Cooking Zone with Pantry Area

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