Shelving Storage Units for Captivating Industrial Home Interior

It may be said that only creative innovators can make this project of furniture design completed in industrial interior with shelving storage units. Florense, who is a Brazilian furniture maker from Engineering and Project Team, has made collaboration with Henrique Steyer from Albus Design, who provides Camerette that is an innovative wardrobe. This arrangement of project is done to a car garage, which is then built inside open floor plan of black granite flooring part and has wall of light gray tone.

This car garage provides various functions, for instance hanging sack chosen in vivid red color of leather for people to exercise. Then, industrial interior design ideas which apply the shelving storage units are done by installing pendant lights of crystal lamps. Private space simply consists of leather lounge chair with its ottoman in same arrangement. There is even a white wardrobe with black floor lamp. Seating plan chosen here is in form of two white chairs with gray cushions.

Surely people can relate to traditional items or even in rustic decorations when it comes to car garage area. Park motorcycle safely near bedding area, and then make it as an open floor plan too, where dark gray carpet in soft finish is rolled out under used table of black paint. Then, place black sofas and side table of blue metals and red plastics. People can also use empty metals as decorations painted in blue and yellow colors.

Another option is to paint wall of garage in blue or soft pink tone. Arrange white bedding area on top of brown carpet. Then, create living room by placing two wooden chairs painted in white and dark pink. Hang rounded lampshade as well for maximum effect of minimalist style. For pink painted garage, make it more in girly theme by installing shelving units to wall. The industrial interior design d├ęcor with shelving storage unitsis created by pendant light of writing is attached near bed.

Gallery of Shelving Storage Units for Captivating Industrial Home Interior

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