Modern Sectional Sofas in Stunning White Mansion Interior Idea

Minimalist style is simply created by only implementing design of white interior with modern sectional sofas. In this case, people can be simple in every choice they should make. For example, people paint white color for walls and ceiling, whereas flooring part is chosen from wash-out brown wooden panels. This way, people will be more focus in arranging colorful furniture and other decorative elements. For staircase, use floating style of woods attached to wall. Then, hallway is completed with white chairs and dark green paintings.

Dining room then also has modern touch as it has two styles of dining chairs, which are gray and white colors. Long dining table is made from granite stone, and then white lampshades are hung above, as well bowl of oranges gives refreshing sensation for plain white interior design. Living room is then has green tones in form of potted plants placed at corner, along with glossy ornaments added on table. White plush modern sectional sofasare placed with black carpet.

White curtain covers glass windows, also soft gray carpet. Private zone here is then added with comfy sofas also chosen in white color tone. There is additional dining table of black table and white chairs, and make unexpected effect by placing blue ornaments on table. Blue tone is also seen in another room, which is living area. It has blue sofas and white table, along with blue painted drawers. Lighter blue tone then is placed along with blue desk lamp.

In kitchen area, put additional bookshelf for decorations, also in blue shades. There is a refrigerator in sapphire blue choice. Then, dark brown can be applied to living room, especially its furniture. For example, use sectional sofas made from fabric in dark brown, or use dark brown leather. White interior design ideas which apply the modern sectional sofas are full of advantages as white is neutral color that can be combined with any other colors.

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