Natural Beach House with Sand Landscape and Wooden Deck Feature

Sand is as a special landscape that can be found at beach landscape area which its color feature can be used as an inspiration to design color theme of house building such natural beach house that is built in house on the beach project that had been finished perfectly by BAK Architect. Soft gray building feature becomes special characteristic of building in this project. Actually, the color design is similar with color design of sand landscape surrounding. It is as innovative exterior wall theme that will make concept of building to be more natural.

Soft gray wall design had been created from natural wooden material construction that has natural gray color feature. Gray wooden material applied in this project had been modified in a modern feature so it will create a special theme of house building if it is applied to design building wall. It is as a proper way to create natural beach house in order to look so suitable with special color feature of environment or landscape surrounding house living.

Redwood material design is also added to design and decorate exterior deck in this project in order to look more artistic and exotic. It had been applied interestingly to decorate deck floor in order to look more exotic. Redwood deck floor will look so elegant to be combined with glass door design that is decorated perfectly by using black wooden construction. Garage design in this project is also made in an exotic feature by applying exotic wooden material feature to decorate garage door.

Natural pathway design that is arranged properly in front of garage design is also made from natural wooden material. Gray wooden pathway design actually will look so suitable to be placed on beach sand landscape. It is applied to create an interested and natural concept design of exterior decoration style. Wooden material dominating house construction in this project is as idea of natural beach house that can be applied well.

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