Tufted Headboard Bed for Wonderful Modern Bedroom

No place can ever replace bedroom with its tufted headboard bed when it comes to relaxation effect after working all day. Surely there are various ways to design this place, such as in most romantic way or simple style. In this modern bedroom, it has gray painted walls and dark furnished wood floor. White carpet is rolled out under gray bedding area covered in black blanket. Build fireplace for giving more warmth, and then arrange velvet armchairs and mini table so people can relax here as well.

If the house is resided in beach area with its sparkling blue water and white sand, it is important to install glass windows for modern bedroom design with the tufted headboard bed. As an accent wall, choose geometric pattern in textured aspect behind white themed bedding. Choose elegant style of wooden bed couch paired with beautiful carvings done to backdrop wall area. Complete this with hidden bookshelf and white vase of flower put on side table.

Working area can be arranged next to bedding space. Use tufted headboard of white bed couch and then fill with dark brown blanket and pillows. Golden touch of carpet is placed with white drawer and crystal desk lamp. Simply make accent wall with large picture behind frosted glass of backdrop. Put framed photos as decoration, and then gray velvet bedding theme as well. Or, simply do it using black velvet couch and gray bedding. White wall is decorated with paintings for colorful accent.

Brown velvet of bedding theme has backdrop arrangement of white shelf attached to wall. Bring spectacular effect of recessed lights behind those shelves. Attach some shelving boards to wall and put book collections there. Make variation by also mounting television to white wall in front of bedding area. Then, bedroom design ideas which apply the tufted headboard bed are chosen with patterned wallpaper or framed photos hung to white wall.

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