Daily Checklist for a Safer Home

Daily Checklist for a Safer HomeSafety is a priority for everyone, every single day. However, most people do not think about the safety of their home on a regular basis. Instead, they usually wait for something bad to happen before they begin to make some serious changes.

To stop safety issues before they start, it is a good idea for everyone to start a daily safety checklist. This checklist can be easily used by the whole family and will help everyone create a safer place to live. Here is an example of a daily checklist for a safer home.

Check the home security system

If the home has an ADT home security system, it is important that the system be briefly checked out every day to make sure every camera and sensor is working properly.

Arm the home security system when leaving the home

Before leaving the home, always turn on the system. Many families will forget this important step, which makes their system useless for protecting their home.

Look, smell and listen for gas leaks

Gas leaks are not always common, but paying attention can prevent them from harming anyone in the home. Pay attention for the smells and other warning signs.

Shut off and unplug all electronics after use

Electronics may not seem like a safety hazard, but ones that are left plugged in too long can overheat and start a fire. Turn off and unplug after each use to be safe.

Baby proof as needed

Homes that house small children have a whole other set of safety concerns to think about. Just a few things to look for are small objects or chemical cleaners in reach and wall outlet sockets that are exposed.

Secure tall furniture items to the walls

Tall furniture look beautiful in the home, but tall items are susceptible to falling over if not secured to the wall.

Check smoke alarms

Smoke alarms are the first defense against any fire. Simply looking to make sure it is still blinking normally is all people should check on a daily basis, with batter changes as needed.

Clear walkways

Walkways inside and outside the home can sometimes become crowed with debris and other items. Keeping these areas clear can prevent a lot of accidents.

Go over the fire escape plan

It is not necessary to quiz the entire family daily, but simply looking over the plan on a regular basis can help everyone keep what they have learned about what to do in an emergency situation fresh in their mind.

Turn off everything in the kitchen that emits heat

Heat items like the stove and oven can be very dangerous if left turned on. Everyone should double check that all of these appliances are turned completely off before they leave the kitchen.

Lock all doors and windows

Locking doors and windows may seem like an easy thing to remember, but this is the step that most people forget on a regular basis. Lock everything when leaving the home and even lock the doors before going to sleep at night.

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