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Home library – this is not just a place to store books but also a relaxation room. The main goal is to organize a home library collection so that the process of finding books minimal, and the reading was fun and comfortable.

Choosing a design for your library – you can use a number of design techniques that will comfortably accommodate books, beautifully and efficiently. Here you will greatly benefit from modular furniture, because modular compartments can vary in height and size.

Beautiful and original look bookshelves around the fireplace or TV, the wall of the books will not look monotonous. Very respectable look bookcases placed in niches, but also an option shelves – not too bad. If you want to save space, we can offer you to use modern and original technique – placement of books around the couch or the doorway, in the form of the portal. Looks great option when the bookshelves are used for zoning area and home library is at your fingertips.

Design options for the home library are quite a lot, but one of the most common is combination with the office or living room.

Unusual, stylish, creative and extravagant way to describe this place for storing books.

This variant of the  interior home library looks rich and elegant, beautiful color of the wood is combined with a leather chair.

Convenient location shelves between windows saves space. Enlarged sills are great for reading and all in the design of such a library is aimed at saving space and easy to read.

Modern home library – a kind of literary complex, the design of which has organically bind a book with other means of communication, and  to  owner  provide a comfortable place to rest and work.

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