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Modern Shiny Interior Design by Geometrix in Moscow City

Located in Moscow city, Russia. This home interior designed by Geometrix Design from Miroshkin Michael and MiroshkinaElen architect, recently completed in 2010. This interior building constructed in 145 sqm area.Basicly ideas for make this interior is to impress room with modern decoration and shiny atmosphere inside. To support this, almost every corridor, furniture, appliances, etc are made from materials that can reflect the light. Glass windows fitted by curtains facing directly outward which make natural lighting at daytime. There is a room which at middle limited by white tile wall with lamp as separator for the difference of room function. Living area featured by black L sofa, brown lounge chair, electronic items for entertainment. Lighting in this room consist from several lamps forming black line. Just behind the black sofa there is a glossy wall with horizontal structure. Form of the wall not completely flat, but there place as storage created from glass material. Living room and kitchen not completely separate, it just placed light wall featured leather panel as difference. Although not complete, but the function of the kitchen itself still does not decrease.

Living area connected with open terrace featured with lounge chairs for enjoying scenery around of Moscow city. Hallway which connect each interior has horizontal striped structure and shiny looks, impress dynamic decoration and modern interior view inside when entering this area. Bedroom has elegant nuances that show from furniture and ornament element. Cupboard made from striped wooden material. Cylindrical lamps placed both side of mattress as complement. Brown curtain placed at window as privacy from outside. almost every corner of bedroom impress soft atmosphere. Two doors with horizontal striped and beige color placed on one side wall that connect to each interior inside bedroom.

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