10 Newest Feng Shui Homes That Can Bring Hockey!

10 Newest Feng Shui Homes That Can Bring Hockey!


Feng shui home is a belief between human relationships and their dwellings that chinese people believe since ancient times can bring healthy, smooth sustenance, and happiness. Feng shui, which is no longer a foreign name, refers to the placement of buildings, spaces, and objects in order to bring hockey, such as excellent house direction regulations and the like.

So, how exactly is the feng shui of the house ? Check out the tips below.

What is Feng Shui Home?

In fact, home Feng shui is an ancient topographic science from China that believes that human, heaven, and earth relations can be harmonious if humans are willing to accept positive energy (chi) and avoid negative energy. These two energies are believed to be influenced by the layout factor of our dwelling. So, feng shui house is often a guide in building a place to live so that its residents can live healthy and lucky aka hockey.

Latest Home Feng Shui Guide

Feng shui this hockey residence became the desire of many people. When build a house that can launch a windfall, there are several things that can be a guide.

  1. Use colors that bring sustenance.

For the Chinese people,the golden coloris considered to provide positive energy. For that, use the color gold in order to bring windfall. It doesn’t have to be a whole room in gold. You can give access to the room paint with gold color. If you want more, gold decoration or decoration can be one alternative.

  1. Place the windfall symbol in the living room

Chinese culture is closely related to animals. Animals are usually used as symbols in grouping shio. In terms of windfalls, dragon beasts become symbols that are often associated with smooth windfalls. It’s no surprise that many individuals keep a golden dragon statue in the middle of their room because it’s said to bring good luck.

  1. Large open space but minimal furniture

In modern society, a minimalist lifestyle does make life more concise. Especially if the room is spacious with minimalist furniture. This condition, logically, allows us to move freely and easily without being weighed down by objects. The lack of furniture also makes it easier for us to take care of goods.

  1. Put the water flow in the room

Water is a symbol in the smoothness of windfalls. This symbol is usually placed in the living room. Those who believe in feng shui generally construct an aquarium or a water feature to attract windfalls. But on the other hand, giving a natural touch in the form of water flow in the room will provide a sense of calm from the gurgling of water.

  1. Installing glass in the room

In hockey residential feng shui, glass or mirrors are believed to be transmitters of positive energy and bringers of good luck. So that a house that uses a glass deck can bring a lot of positive energy. Furthermore, internal glass enhances the room’s aesthetic appeal. The presence of glass also provides a lot of light to the house, making it healthier and saving energy during the day.

Layout in Feng Shui House

Feng shui hockey residences are also believed to be influenced by the layout of the rooms and furnishings. Some of the following instances of laying can help you avoid lowering the value of hockey in your home’s fengshui.


According to feng shui, a good bathroom is one that is located away from the bedroom, kitchen, and places of worship at home. Why? The three rooms have a positive aura that if there is a bathroom nearby, the negative energy will cover the original energy of the room. Of course, negative aura is less giving hockey to the feng shui of the house.

Main Door

The main door is the entry point for all energy, both positive and negative. For that, this door should be proportional to the size of the house. In addition, the main door should also lead directly to the back door. So that if there is negative energy, you can go straight out without having time to stop by the house.


Regarding the bedroom, the correct rule according to feng shui is not to be above the garage. It is believed that it will affect positive energy. But logically this also makes sense. Sleeping above the garage certainly makes you uncomfortable. Whether due to vehicle noise or pollution that might enter the room.


The position of the kitchen should not be facing the bathroom. This is because the bathroom is believed to have negative energy, while the kitchen has positive energy. So if you are facing each other, the positive energy of the kitchen is believed to be sucked in by negative energy from the bathroom. Of course this position is also not comfortable for cooking or when there are residents of the house eating in the kitchen area.


If your house is multi-storey, avoid placing the stairs in the middle of the room. This is believed to make the energy of the house unbalanced. From the interior side, the stairs in the middle of the room also take up more space and hinder the movement of the occupants. In addition, what is highly recommended by feng shui is to avoid stairs with sharp corners. This sharp shape is called a ‘dark arrow’ and from a safety point of view, sharp angles are indeed more dangerous because they can injure. So, choose the staircase model for your residence carefully.

With knowledge of the feng shui of this hockey residence, of course it can be a consideration for you to build a house. Try to avoid what is prohibited, and understand the recommended advice. Hopefully your house will have more positive energy and make its residents healthy and good luck. Find more information about property on Prospeku.com to present a home that brings hockey. Good luck!

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