11 Minimalist Bedroom Designs, Small but Feels Spacious!

11 Minimalist Bedroom Designs, Small but Feels Spacious!

Sometimes, choosing a modern minimalist bedroom design that fits your taste is quite confusing, right? The limited area of the room is usually one of the obstacles, considering that the decoration of the room must be done as efficiently as possible to make it not seem full and cramped.

It is undeniable, changing the appearance of a small room to look attractive is not easy. But, now you don’t need to be overly confused. Prospeku will present a series of examples of simple and unique minimalist bedroom designs that you can use as inspiration. Check this out!

Examples of Simple Minimalist Bedroom Designs

Do you want to apply a simple minimalist bedroom design at home? Let’s go! Look at the various examples below.

1. All White Minimalist Room

White color is always suitable as a minimalist look in any interior. Why not? This color gives your home a simple and modern appearance. So, to make it doesn’t look monotonous or boring, try combining the all-white theme with a little wood element. It is guaranteed, the interior of your simple minimalist bedroom design (3×4) will look stunning.

2. Room with Foliage Elements

Here is an example of a 2×3 minimalist bedroom design with leaf decoration. Additional elements such as leaves and indoor plants not only add a fresh and natural nuance to your home, but also provide an aesthetic and instagrammable room spot.

Just choose a species of plants that don’t need a lot of water to avoid getting muddy. Then, place the leaves in the corners of the room. Don’t forget to combine it with the paint color of the room, maybe brown and cream can be the right choice.

3. Room with Subdued Lighting

The next example of a modern minimalist bedroom design is a subdued lighting model. As we know that the light in a room is actually able to have a significant influence on the appearance of the room.

Besides that, good lighting can also make your home very instagrammable. Just adjust it to the theme of the room you want. The monochrome concept above might be an interesting idea.

4. Wooden Floor Room

If you are looking for a minimalist bedroom design (2×2), then this bedroom model is perfect for you. The reason is that the combination of wood floors and white can bring a modern nuance, even in a small space. In addition, the wood element is also able to provide a warm and soothing taste. Are you sure you don’t want to try?

5. Masculine Room with Dark Interior

Examples of minimalist bedroom design with a size of 4×4 and dark interiors never fail to display elegant and masculine spaces. Especially if combined with bamboo or wood material furniture, the nuance of the room will look more aesthetic.

This design is perfect for those of you who like monochrome space models. Without having to use white, rooms with dark interiors will give an exclusive impression of your residence.

6. Minimalist Room for Women

Meanwhile, for feminine room models, interior decoration using pink can be an option. Since this soft color is very identical to women, it is good to combine it in the design of your room. To make it more interesting, try to combine with other similar colors, such as white, gray, or cream.

7. Colorful Room

Minimalist colorful bedroom design (2×3) is perfect if you want a room with a more vibrant and cheerful nuance. Perhaps, for some people, the choice of colorful colors feels too striking. But, some people also love this kind of combination because it can present a pleasant atmosphere.

Usually, this theme uses unique furniture, decorations, and patterns. As a complement, you can put small green plant pots on some sides of the room to make it look fresher.

8. The Room with Ethnically Patterned Floor Rugs

Carpet on the floor is a complementary decoration of the room that is often forgotten. As you know, carpeting will beautify and add a value to the appearance of the room. Especially if you use ethnically patterned carpet stripes, it will make your room look aesthetic and attractive.

9. Industrial Style Room

Minimalist bedroom design (3×3) with the industrial style, It will be ideal for those of you who prefer a bold and masculine look. Because this room model uses a combination of dark colors, such as gray, black, and dark blue. Meanwhile, complementary decorations can use wooden or iron furniture.

10. Rustic Room

Next, an example of a minimalist bedroom design measuring 3×4 carries a rustic theme. This model is basically identical to the use of wood as the main material and combines brown or cream colors to bring a warm feel.

This rustic concept is actually very similar to the vintage style that accentuates the thick side of the natural. So, if you want to create a natural atmosphere in the room, a rustic design could be the best choice.

11. Pastel-Colored Minimalist Room

The last is a minimalist bedroom design measuring 2×3 with the theme of pastel colors. This model will give a warm and comfortable feeling because it uses warm shades on the decorations or furniture.

Just combine two or three pastel colors in line, so the bedroom will look like a modern minimalist. Then, add a number of decorations around it in matching colors.

That’s a number of examples of modern, simple, and unique minimalist bedroom design. So, from a series of models of the room above, is there anything you make an option? Don’t forget to download the Prospeku app to get information about the type of dream residence. Hope you find this useful!

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