13 Beautiful Simple Minimalist Front Porch Model

13 Beautiful Simple Minimalist Front Porch Model

Simple minimalist front porch model has a simple and futuristic look. It is suitable to be used as a place to relax or just enjoy the view, especially if there is a canopy on the terrace . There are so many examples of front porches with contemporary models and multifunctional.

Well, if you are looking for an inspiration for a front porch model in your dream residence, here are some examples that you can choose. Check it out!

Simple Front Porch Model

Do not be confused for choosing the design of the front porch of the house, below there are a number of examples of residential terraces that you can make reference.

1. Industrial Terrace

The industrial concept can be a unique model of the front porch in a modern minimalist home. This design style is often a favorite of many people because it looks warm and simple. To make it look more attractive, you can combine it with wood material furniture to create a pleasant natural atmosphere.

2. Green Grass Terrace

If you prefer a green patio yard, try to install natural grass to create a nature atmosphere in your home. The grass on the front porch will give a fresh and cool nuance that is suitable as a place to relax.

Don’t worry about the maintenance because you can change the natural grass into synthetic grass that does not require special care.

3. Grassless Terrace

If you do not want the use of grass, you can try a modern front porch model without grass. This terrace concept actually uses a variety of green plants in the pot as a complement to the natural nuances in your residential yard.

4. Terrace with Fish Pond

If you want a luxurious model, try to add a small fish pond around it. This will make the atmosphere of your residential yard becomes fresher. Especially if there is a small fountain on the side of the pool, it is guaranteed that your relaxing moment will feel more calm and peaceful. Let’s check out some fish pond design inspiration from Prospeku for your reference.

5. Terrace with Minimalist Garden

Do you want to have a terrace with a garden in the yard? This is the answer. You can place a set of tables and chairs in the middle of your mini garden along with lights as lighting. This concept will make the residential yard look shady and suitable as a relaxing spot.

6. Wood Floor Terrace

One of the simple front porch models that you can make an option is a wooden floor terrace. This design will gives a different look to your home terrace. As a complement, add a small garden and path to beautify the front yard to make it look natural.

7. Stone Terrace

Stone terrace can be a choice for those of you who like a simple concept. Although it seems simple, in fact, the design of stone has a special value compared to others. Yup, the stone make the terrace not easily slippery and durable. This concept is always recommended in every year.

Latest Minimalist Front Porch Model

There are so many beautiful minimalist front porch designs that are beautiful and functional, they are:

1. Classic Style

The classic modern is perfect for those of you who like a simple and unique concept. Give a table with a rocking chair around the yard as a place to enjoy the view in the afternoon. Do not be surprised if you often sleep there because the atmosphere is comfortable to relax.

2. Latest Cafeteria Terrace

The latest minimalist front porch model that is now widely used is the current café-style terrace design. Yup, this concept is often used to take a rest.

You can make an outdoor mini bar or lesehan by using small pads and pedestals. Not only as a place to relax, but also as a place to eat with family.

3. Resort Terrace

If you want a luxury front porch model, resort design can be an option. With large trees, vines, and a small garden will make the atmosphere of your terrace like a private mini resort that peaceful.

4. All-White Terrace

One of the latest minimalist front porch models that you can try is the all-white concept. This design gives a clean, bright, and modern impression on your home. Just combine it with a variety of wooden furniture that matches this color.

5. Wooden Terrace

If you want a unique terrace model, try to create a place to relax and a wooden wall with a fused design in the yard. Use wood material on chairs, tables, and the roof to make the atmosphere feel warm and calming. This concept is also very suitable for those of you who like a simple minimalist model.

6. Terrace with Floor Tiles

The next is terrace with floor tiles. Rarely known, the use of floor tiles in the residential yard does not need extra care. In fact, with a relatively cheap price, you can already present the front porch of a beautiful and luxurious house.

Those are some of the latest minimalist front porch models that you can make an option. You can combine it with several other designs as necessity or desired. So, from a series of examples above, is there a suitable for your dream home?

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