4 Things to Consider in Renovation Home

4 Things to Consider in Renovation Home

Sometimes, buying a dream house is not always a perfect thing. Renovation is one way to enhance and beautify your home. Home renovation is an important matter, especially if the building has been old.

Although the cost of renovation is not as much as building a house from scratch, the costs cannot be underestimated. Budget planning of house renovations must be carefully prepared in order to achieve the desired results.

There are several things to consider when renovating a house. Some of them are about the time, determining important points for home repairs, and choosing renovation services. The following is a detailed explanation of home renovation tips.

The Time for Home Renovation

Actually, there is no benchmark for the time to do renovations. As long as you are on a budget, you can do it anytime. But, not all people always have the flexibility of a budget. Here, you should have to know the right time to do the renovation.

One of the obvious physical signs to make repairs is the appearance of damage such as a leaking roof. If it is not prevented early on, the leaking trail will get worse and spread to many places. In this case, handling will be more difficult and cost more.

In addition to physical signs, the increasing need for additional space is also a sign that you have to do a residential renovation. This usually happens when there is an additional family member. Then, the need for a new bedroom or even a play zone and it is hard to ignored.

Renovations are also needed when you are going to sell property because it is able to boost house prices. The process can be done by following the market’s tastes through the application of neutral colors on the walls and the floor.

Important Point of Home Renovation

One of the important elements of this phase is color selection. Don’t overlook the importance of matching the color of the walls with the floor or furniture that already exists or that you will buy.

After the color selection is complete, pay attention to the pattern. For example, for a beige color, choose a darker or lighter gradient. A color test through a paint brand sample should be carried out. If you want to test, buy a small size paint and apply it to a specific point on the wall to see the results.

The choice of furniture must also be considered carefully. Place objects that are small but have a strong color in certain places. Use a tested material such as granite for the surface of the kitchen counter because it is easy to clean. Basically, the furniture must match the concept you want to apply.

Lighting is also important to considered. The challenge is of course regarding the determination of the placement point and the number of lights needed.

You should be able to adapt the lighting to the space, color temperature, or light bulb. Good lighting can certainly create a sense of comfort and warmth, and can affect the mood of residents.

Tips for Choosing Home Renovation Services

Renovation of a residence is not an ordinary decision because it involves various aspects such as finance and safety. Therefore, the selection of home remodeling services should be done carefully so that the results do not disappoint. For that, choose a certified home renovation service provider.

In addition, choose a contractor who provides the Budget Plan (RAB) to minimize disputes between you and the contractor.

Then, look at the portfolio of renovation services. From there, it can be seen whether they understand your taste or not. See the testimonies of people who have used their renovation services.

Finally, ask if the home renovation service provider has a post-renovation guarantee, so that damage or non-compliance with what has been promised can be claimed.

Home Renovation Cost

Because the cost of labor and material continues to increase, make sure that financial planning for home renovation costs is carried out properly, especially if you use home renovation services. Make a priority scale. For example, adding a bedroom, repairing the roof, or replacing the ceramic type . This priority placement will determine the cost of remodeling the house.

The choice of payment model with a daily or wholesale system must also be considered because it will also affect the size of the cost of house renovation. If the scale of the renovation is minor, the daily system can be used. If large, the wholesale system is more suitable.

In addition, there is a full contract system that includes labor and material services. If you want practicality and have a big budget, this home remodeling cost system can be chosen.

Then, the use of materials. Try to use good quality materials because they have a higher level of durability. A little expensive is okay, as long as it lasts a long time.

To make the cost lighter, you can work around this by applying for a home renovation credit . Instead of taking multipurpose loans or KTA, home renovation loans are more worthy of attention because the interest is low and the loan tenor is longer. In addition, because the goal is to renovate buildings, home remodeling loans have a larger limit.

There are so many ways to renovate your home to make it look more beautiful and comfortable. However, the most practical way is to contact a reliable architect or home renovation service provider. Traces of their expertise will be felt in the final result. Let’s read articles on the Prospeku blog for other knowledge about property.

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