7 Best Types of Home Ventilation to Keep the Air Healthy

7 Best Types of Home Ventilation to Keep the Air Healthy

People usually plant greenery in the garden of their houses to get fresh air, but a good type of home ventilation is also one of the healthy living tips that you can apply. To get maximum air quality, you need to pay attention to the type and design of healthy home ventilation based on the criteria.

Ideally, a ventilation should be able to regulate the air and light to maximize and minimize the dust that comes in. So, what does a good ventilation look like? Check out the following review!

Types of Home Ventilation

There are many types of the ventilation that can be your choice. Generally, ventilation divided into two categories that is mechanical ventilation and natural ventilation. Mechanical models are usually in the form of fans and used in rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms, or factories. Meanwhile, the natural model is used in various rooms in the house such as the living room.

1. Industrial Ventilation

You must have been familiar with a shape that resembles a rotating mosque dome above industrial factories. Did you know what is that? It is a ventilation that serves to remove air from indoors to the outside.

This ventilation has a fairly large size with a diameter of 40 cm. It consumes a high wattage, which is 59-74 watts. Therefore, this ventilation is more suitable for industrial needs, such as factories and restaurants.

2. Exhaust Ventilation

It is included in the mechanical ventilation type, which also requires electrical assistance to work. This ventilation has a fan-like shape, but of course it has a different function.

As the name implies, its function is to suck up dirty air in the room and then throw it out. Therefore, usually exhaust ventilation is used in the enclosed spaces such as bathrooms that do not have natural ventilation as a place of air circulation. The size of the propeller is between 20-125 cm.

3. Wall Ventilation

This type of mechanical ventilation has the same shape as the exhaust vent. But if the exhaust ventilation only works one way, the wall ventilation able to work in two ways.

This model works by channeling air from the outside and removing the air from the inside. Generally, the size of wall ventilation propellers ranges from 25-30 cm, that’s why this ventilation spend more electricity.

4. Ventilation Block

Ventilation Block is a type of traditional ventilation that is still used today, in Indonesia it called loster ventilation. Generally, loster are made of cement, ceramic or concrete and available in a variety of models. Its unique design makes this ventilation become a decoration for the house, which is quite interesting to try.

This ventilation usually applied in one side of the wall of the house then arranged dynamically. So, you will get maximum air coming in from the ventilation holes.

5. Louver Ventilation

This type of ventilation is simple with a wide enough segment model. Of course, the size of these segments has been adjusted so that the incoming air can be maximal. Louver ventilation is made of wood and aluminum.

Nowadays, aluminum is more in demand because of its durability and strength. This form of ventilation is suitable for use in minimalist home designs.

6. Louver Window Ventilation

These ventilation are made of glass. The placement of these ventilation is arranged in stages and can be opened and closed. You must have often met this type in ancient homes, right?

Most of people use this type because the appearance of this ventilation looks aesthetic in modern houses. So, besides helping you to get a good air supply, it can also add to the artistic value of your home.

7. Boven Ventilation

This type of ventilation is the most widely used in houses. The example of this ventilation usually is used for the bedroom or the front of the house. The placement of this ventilation is usually above the door or connected to the door.

The shape of this boven is very diverse, such as square, rectangular, round or other shapes. There are several types of boven including those made of concrete, wood and glass.

Minimalist Home Ventilation Design

After you know the several types of ventilation above, it’s time for you to determine what a good home ventilation model looks like. For your reference, here is a review of various minimalist home ventilation designs.

Modern Minimalist Home Ventilation Design for Living Room

For the living room, you can combine the ventilation with doors to make it have the same function. A room with ventilation like this will make you get a lot of air and of course make the room fresh. Air circulation in the large ventilation will make the need for healthy air can be met. This design supports a healthy home ventilation system.

Large Glass Modern Minimalist Home Ventilation Design

With the placement of large glass as ventilation, not only the air but you will also get enough light. Not only the need for healthy air, but the sun will also support your health.

To open it, you can make it with a sliding system. Modern minimalist home ventilation designs with large glass are currently a trend. Many minimalist homes apply this design to add aesthetics.

Minimalist Bedroom Home Ventilation Design

If your home is in a safe environment, maybe you can implement large ventilation in the room. However, if you feel it is not safe and you need privacy, then a minimalist home ventilation model can be your choice. with the size of the ventilation, you have enough air supply from the outside. This design also allows it to be applied to air-conditioned rooms.

Minimalist Home Bathroom Ventilation Design

The bathroom also need good air circulation. A stuffy room will detract the fresh air when you enter it. Therefore, even though it is small, you still need ventilation for the bathroom. For the size of the bathroom, this ventilation is enough to change fresh air from outside.

Minimalist Home Ventilation Design for Kitchen

Your cooking activities will be disturbed if the incoming air is not enough and it becomes stuffy. Therefore, it is important to have ventilation in the kitchen. Design like the picture above will let you get good air and enough privacy.

But actually, you can also apply large ventilation in the kitchen so you can see the scenery outside the house. As a reference, just check the minimalist kitchen design article that Prospeku has discussed before.

Rustic Model Home Ventilation Design

This design is fairly classic. This ventilation design allows you to get an artistic glow, especially in the morning. For those of you who like a semi-modern classic atmosphere, you can apply this rustic design.

Block Ventilation Design

This minimalist ventilation model uses a type of block ventilation. This ventilation usually installed on one side of the dining room. The ventilation holes will provide enough air for your home. In addition, its design is also very artsy, classic but not too old. It is suitable for those of you who want to have a modern home design with a traditional touch.

Full Light Home Ventilation Design

A healthy home ventilation design should be supported by maximum light. Placing glass ventilation on the roof will provide enough vitamin D for you in the morning. But unfortunately during the day, the incoming light will be hotter. To make it comfortable, try to add adjustable curtains.

Healthy Home Ventilation Method

1. Method of Opening the Window for Air to Enter

The function of the ventilation is to let the air into the room, for example through a window. When building a house, place several windows in the walls and the air can changes well. Especially if some of the windows are diagonally opposite each other.

2. Single Window Indoor Air Ventilation Method

If you only have one window for ventilation, this tip might be useful. Place the fan near the window, and point it to the outside. The fan will work to help the ventilation function by letting dirty air out of the room. If you expose the fan to the room, the dirty air inside cannot get out.

3. Ventilation Without a Window

If your room does not have special air ventilation, you can open the door to improve air circulation. If the room is connected to the bathroom, try to turn on the bathroom exhaust ventilation so that dirty air in the room can change.

If you don’t have adequate ventilation, the pollution will fill your home. It will can threat the health of you and your family, right? Therefore, choose the type of ventilation with good quality. Do you want to know about healthy housing tips? Read it more in Prospeku article.


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