Avoid Selling a House at the Wrong Time

Avoid Selling a House at the Wrong Time

Home is a primary human need. However, not every time is a good time to sell a house. It’s not that people don’t need a home. However, several factors make selling a home ineffective or difficult.

Selling a house at the incorrect moment, on the other hand, can cause the price to drop or even decrease. Because demand is shrinking. Economic law clearly states that if demand decreases, then prices will be corrected.
There are two characters that make selling the house wrong when selling it. First, the focus of the market aka people who are targeted, is not right to buy a house. Because the market is not assessing the right time to buy a house. Second, people are confronted with other issues or precarious needs that must be addressed first. Generally, conditions are beyond previous estimates. There are many conditions like this, such as natural disasters, political upheavals, or economic crises.

The two characters mentioned above must be avoided in order to sell a house quickly. There is the wrong moment to sell house.

Eid or holiday

Indeed, many people are receiving more money than holiday allowance (THR). However, not necessarily this THR becomes a trigger for people moved to buy a house. Because, people are focused on celebrating eid. Therefore, the need they are galing for is transportation to return home, or the need for lebaran homecoming.
However, many offices will close in the coming weeks as Lebaran approaches As a result, business of buying and selling, notary, to the Land Agency, will be hampered until financial matters are resolved due to national holidays. As a result, if you sell your home at a time like this, it takes longer.

When To Grade up

School holidays are also not right time to sell a house. Because, in general, people who are able to buy and have children, are having a precarious need: paying their child’s tuition. This money is not small either. So the allocation of their funds, can not be bothered to pay a mortgage down payment or even to buy a house with cash.
Precisely when times like this, their focus is to get fresh funds for the sake of children’s educational needs. No wonder in a season like this pawn service, loan, or credit is even more saleable. Because the market is focused on educational needs.


When disaster strikes, people obviously won’t think about buying a house. The safety of the soul certainly when disasters occur is obviously more important. Especially if it’s a natural disaster. So, the market will avoid houses that are in the danger zone of natural disasters. The market focus is on how to maintain life safety and mitigation from natural disasters.
People will undoubtedly focus on maintaining their health if a calamity involves an epidemic or pandemic. As a result, the purchasing and selling process will clearly be inefficient Buying and selling is prone to the transmission of sickness in general.

Crisis or Political Upheaval

Economic crises and political upheavals are usually interlocking. Both can cause each other. During the economic and political crisis of 1998, house prices fell. Obviously when house prices fall it is not suitable to sell the house. During the 2008 economic crisis, it was also a losing time to sell homes. Considering the 2008 crisis itself was a crisis caused by bad housing loans in the United States, then at that time many homes were auctioned cheaply. At that moment, the property sector was entering a recession phase.

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