Guide to Building a House Type 70, Floor Plans, Designs & Sizes

House is one of the primary needs of every person as a place to live and shelter. The size of the house type 70 is the type of house that is considered quite ideal for you and your family, not too wide but not too narrow.

Although it is an ideal size for families, but the price offered is still high in Indonesia. If you are interested in buying or building a house with a type 70, see the inspiration for the floor plan to the following cost requirements.

Definition of House Type 70

It is called a house type 70 because it has an area of 70 square meters, either 1 or 2 floors, but the total building area cannot be less or more than 70 meters. While the land area can be different.

The size of the house type 70 that most commonly marketed is type 70200, 70150 or 70100. The number located behind the slash indicates the area of the land. So if the type 70100, it means the building area is 70 square meters, and the land area is 100 square meters.

House Plan Inspiration Type 70

For those of you who plan to build your own house with type 70, maybe you can start by thinking about the concept of the floor plan first. Here is a reference to the floor plan type 70 with 1 floor and 2 floors.

House plan type 70 with 1 floor

Source: Pinterest

The picture above is an example of a house plan designed type 70 with 1 floor. You can build 2 adjacent bedrooms in one house, each with a bathroom inside.

In addition, you still have a free place for the family room and dining table. This floor plan also allows you to build a 1-car cargo garage at the front of the house.

 House plan type 70 with 2 floors

Source: Pinterest

The picture above is an example of a house plan designed type 70 with 2 floors. In the first picture example, on the lower floor, you can build 1 bedroom and family room, while the top floor is filled with 2 children’s bedrooms.

Meanwhile, in the second picture example, you can make 1 bedroom downstairs, but with 1 bedroom also upstairs. This plan is suitable for those of you who live alone or still have 1 child.

Type 70 House Design

After determining the appropriate floor plan, it’s time to think about the design that you want to implement in your home in the future. For reference, take a look at some examples of type 70 home designs below.

Simple design

Source: Google

If you want a simple house, maybe you can apply the design above. From the outside, this house does not look spacious, but the ornaments on the yellow and black walls are contrasting enough to make it more attractive and elegant.

Minimalist design with 2 floors

Source: Google

Interested in building a two-story house? The design above is an example of a minimalist 2-story house but does not seem simple. The combination of gray color makes the house look modern and elegant at one time. You can add lamp ornaments with yellow light to make it more attractive.

Minimalist design with carport

Source: Google

For car owners, it becomes a problem if your home is not equipped with a garage or carport. For that, you can apply examples of home design as in the picture above, which is to set aside part of the front of the house to park the car freely.

Cost of Building a House Type 70

The cost of building a house does not have an exact number, all of it is relative and depends on the needs of each person. However, you can see the estimated cost of type 70 home builders below as preparation.

Land cost

The most ideal land area for a type 70 house is 120 square meters. It can be more than that, but if it’s lacking, the house can feel cramped. To find out the price of the land, then you have to find out the price according to the location. Because every region is different.

For example, the price of land per meter in the Bekasi area is Rp1.5 million. Then the cost needed to buy land is Rp1.5 million x 120 = Rp180 million. To minimize costs, choose a cheap land location.

Architect cost

If you want your home to have a beautiful and attractive design, then there is no harm in using the services of an architect. Under the provisions of IAI (Indonesian Architects Association), the architect’s tariff amounted to 8% of the overall cost of construction.

However, there are also architects who apply a count per meter. Usually the rate of architects per meter in Indonesia ranging from Rp100 thousand to Rp1 million

Building fee

House construction wholesale services usually set a cost of Rp2.5 million – Rp5 million per meter. However, the cost details will be provided definitively by the contractor through the RAB (Draft Cost Budget).

For example, you use the services of a contractor at a cost per meter of Rp3 million. Then the construction cost is Rp3 million x 70 = Rp210 million.

Price of House Type 70 in Indonesia

Property prices in each area vary, as well as house type 70. This depends on several factors, including the location and area of the land. Generally, this type does set a high price (middle class).

Here is a list of prices house type 70 in several regions in Indonesia:

  • Makassar, Rp400 million – Rp1.5 billion
  • Surabaya, Rp500 million – Rp2 billion
  • Semarang, Rp300 million – Rp1.5 billion
  • Bogor, Rp400 million – Rp1.15 billion
  • Depok, Rp300 million – Rp1.25 billion
  • Jakarta, Rp800 million – Rp3 billion
  • Tangerang Rp500 million – Rp2 billion
  • Bekasi, Rp400 million – Rp1.40 billion

Well, that’s a review of some things related to the guide to building type 70 houses. Hopefully this information is useful for you and your family, if you want to know more home type inspiration, visit our website right now!

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