What is a Town House? This is the Difference from Cluster and Apartment

What is a Town House? This is the Difference from Cluster and Apartment

In recent years, town houses have become a type of residence that is increasingly in demand. Indeed, compared to clusters in general, town houses are the type of residence that is seen as more expensive. Because, some of the elements sold include strategic location and complete facilities. So, what else should you know about this kind of house?

What is a Town House?

Historically, a town house was a residence rooted in Europe (Paris) and London (England) in the 17th century. The classic characteristics are diverse, such as the culture and city where it develops. Even so, this residence still has the uniqueness of being built lined and reviewed on verticality. In addition, the number of units offered is not too much in order to maintain exclusivity.

In Indonesia, a town house is a complex that consists of only a few dwellings and is generally located in the middle of the city. The distinctive value of a town house is that the building in the following complex has a similar shape.

It is noted that the emergence of this town house has been lively since the 1980s, with an increasing trend in the 1990s. At that time, the average target was expatriates and the elite class. It is not surprising that the pioneer of town house is the Prapanca area, South Jakarta.

Difference between Town House and Cluster

Not infrequently people equate town houses with clusters. In fact, they are two different types of housing. So, where is the difference between town houses and clusters?

  • The houses in the town house have the same or similar shape, but cluster housing usually consists of several different models of houses.
  • There are not as many housing units in the town house complex as in the clusters. The average number of residence in cluster housing is above 100.
  • Although the housing units are few, the facilities offered by town houses are generally more complete than clusters. Not infrequently there is a jogging track, park, club house to swimming pool in a town house.
  • Because of these facilities, town houses are famous for their exclusive impression and have higher prices than cluster housing.

Town House vs. Condo vs. Apartment

In terms of function, principles, and facilities, townhouses are not much different from apartments. However, a town house is a type of residence whose verticality does not compete with an apartment. Hence, many people refer to residential townhouse as horizontal apartments. The difference is more in townhouses versus condominiums.
In condominiums, the building offered is based on a larger building. Besides that, condominium owners are limited to only having their interior units because the land and buildings are limited to HGB.

Another difference is related to security matters. Where a town house is a type of residence that offers higher privacy than a condominium, but the security level is still less stringent than a condominium.

Pros and Cons of Buying a Town House

In theory, if you choose a townhouse in the United States, the unit price can be low, but certain areas, such as New York or Boston, with higher land values clearly set a high price for townhouses. However, because this residence shares a wall and has a smaller footprint, the price becomes cheaper.

In practice, this cannot happen in Indonesia. Especially if it is located closer to the city center or business center, the value is guaranteed to soar. That’s why there are developers who offer minimalist townhouses as an option for lower prices.

However, if we talk about maintenance, a town house is a type of residence that is easy to maintain because it is smaller than a typical landed house. Beyond that, town houses are the kind that could be a big deal for you if privacy levels are a consideration. Because the location of the building is close to neighbors and city traffic. This townhouse may not be the right choice for residents who want comfort.

Considerations in Buying a Town House

If you are sure that you want to buy a townhouse unit, there are several things to consider, including:


Like buying other types of housing, you have to make sure that the budget prepared is not only allocated for the property, but also other costs.

Adaptation to the environment

It is important to consider what you want in the neighborhood. Whether it’s related to swimming pools, looser rules from the unit owner association or whether access in and out of housing must be equipped with security gates.

Check the noise level

If you don’t want to regret being disturbed by various sounds coming from neighbors, check the noise level in your unit from the beginning.

Check public facilities

First look at public facilities such as a sport hall before buying a unit.

Talk to potential neighbors

Because the location of one unit with other units is close to each other, it would be better if you find out how the environment in the unit you are looking for is through chatting with potential neighbors.

Read the unit owner association rules

Don’t forget to check the unit owner association rules because the types of associations are different. There are those who forbid changing the facade of the unit, but there are also those who free the owner to change the appearance of their dwelling.

Long-Term vision

Not everyone is suitable for a townhouse-style residence. So, make sure beforehand whether you can afford to stay long in this type of housing.

Of course all turned to yourselves. Many fit, many don’t. For those who do not fit into a condominium or apartment, but the budget is not enough to buy a landed house near the city center or business center, a townhouse is the way out. Interested in buying it?

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