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Did you know that there are some rules from the government regarding subsidized home renovation? There are even some dos and don'ts when you are trying to renovate a subsidized house. One of them is not to change the façade of the house.

Before you start the renovation, it's a good thing to understand what is allowed and not to avoid sanctions. What's that? Let's see the full explanation in the following article!

What is a Subsidized House?

Subsidized housing is affordable housing as a form of government program to help low-income community. Usually, the price of 1 unit of subsidized house is pegged to below the market.

Usually, subsidized houses are intended specifically for people who have incomes of no more than Rp4 million per month. Not only the government, but many private institutions have also held subsidized housing programs.

The government has set installment rules for subsidized housing ranging from under Rp1 million to the next 20 years. So, people with low incomes can have a decent house.

7 Requirements for Subsidized Home Renovation According to the Rules

If you buy subsidized housing, then it cannot be arbitrary in doing the overhaul. There are several things that become a ban on subsidized home renovations. However, don't worry, as doing so won't limit your home renovation creations. Let's see what the conditions are.

1. Utilizing the rest of the land

Each subsidized house usually has the remaining land on the side or back. Try to maximize the remaining land as long as it does not violate the applicable provisions. For example, home renovation subsidies type 36 by expanding the kitchen or making a garden next to the house.

2. Can build fence

Subsidized homes are generally not equipped with fences. You can design the idea of subsidized home renovations looking front by adding a fence to look more beautiful while the security is more guaranteed.

3. Does not change façade

One of the bans on subsidized home renovations is changing the façade. When buying a subsidized house, you are not allowed to change the façade for a certain time, usually after 5 years running. However, if it's past 5 years, you can change it as you wish.

4. Can be used as 2 floors

It's the same as changing the facade, remodeling a subsidized house into 2 floors can only be done after 5 years. If before that, then you could potentially break the rules. However, you can still do it later!

5. Fixes deficiency

One of the renovations to subsidized housing that was allowed from the start was to correct deficiencies. For example, if the tile roof of your house has leaked since it was built, you can apply for a renovation of the roof.

6. Must not expand the land

The government has set a land area limit on subsidized houses, which is at least 60 square meters and the highest reaches 200 square meters. While the minimum building area limit is 21 square meters and the highest is 36 square meters.

Referring to the rule, make sure that the renovation of your subsidized house do not cross the land or building boundaries that have been set by the government. If it violates, you could be at risk of revocation.

7. First report to the bank

The most important step in the terms of subsidized home renovation is reporting to the mortgage lending bank (KPR). Explain openly what was changed from the house. That way, the insurance set can cover the full cost.

Tips for Subsidized Home Renovation

In order not to make missteps and having difficulty when doing a subsidized home renovation, we will provide some tips for you. They are:

1. Do not violate government rule

From the conditions above, you already understand not what can and cannot be done in the process of subsidized home renovation. Therefore, do not try to violate it.

Because, the biggest risk you can receive is the repeal of subsidies. If that happens, then you will have to pay the full-time or convert it in larger commercial interest credits.

2. Make sure the installments are always smooth

Debtors with a history of current installments will certainly facilitate the renovation process to the bank because it has a good record and is trusted by the bank. If you are often stuck in paying installments, then this will be a bad image in the eyes of the bank.

3. Do not do a total overhaul

The important thing for you to remember is not to remodel the subsidized house completely, because that means you have violated the rules. The biggest risk is the repeal of aid.

4. Not transferable

Doing hand transfers, such as renting out a house or selling the house that was renovated without the knowledge of the bank is a prohibition that you should avoid. In fact, the threat can be criminal and fines up to Rp50 million. This rule is contained in Law No. 1, 2011 Article 152.

Subsidized Home Renovation Costs

When it comes to cost, it's very relative. The same goes for the cost of renovating subsidized houses. The amount you have to prepare depends on the material selection and design. At least you need to prepare costs ranging from Rp5-10 million.

Our advice, before you do a home renovation, it's a good thing to design a RAB (Budget Plan) to find out the range of costs needed in the renovation process from start to finish.

Examples of Subsidized Home Renovations

As your reference, here are some inspiring examples of subsidized home renovations looking from several sides.

1. Renovation of the front subsidized house

Source: Rumah123

On the front, you can add a sliding house fence and make the garden look fresher and airier.

2. Renovation of the back subsidized house

Source: Rumah123

On the back, you can remodel the kitchen according to taste. You can also expand it to the maximum limit of the back of the land.

That's information regarding some rules, terms and restrictions if you want to do a subsidized home renovation. If you want to beautify the residence, keep an eye on the rules that apply so as not to be penalized.

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