9 Tips to Buy a Used Home More Safer and Efficient

9 Tips to Buy a Used Home More Safer and Efficient

There are many advantages to buying a used home, compared to buying a new home. First, you can more easily find out the development of the area around the used house. In addition, you will also get a larger land area, compared to buying a new house. Not to mention, you are exempt from value added tax (VAT).

However, like looking for a soul mate, buying a used house is not as easy as we think. Not infrequently it takes a long time. When you surf the internet and search on used home buying and selling sites, extra rigor and patience is required. In addition, you should also consider extra costs such as renovations and other procurements. Buying a used home also does not have many options, both the number of units and the available home models. Many things need to be considered, such as whether the house fits the criteria we want?

Tips for Buying a Used Home That Are Important to Consider
Here are tips on buying a used home that you need to consider.
1. Adjusting Occupancy Budget
Of course, before deciding to buy a used house, you must ensure financial conditions, such as sources of income and obligations that must be repaid. In addition to needing funds to buy a house, you also have to calculate the cost of renovation if the condition of the house is no longer perfect.

2. Ensuring Completeness of Home Documents
If you are looking for a used home mortgage, make sure the house has complete documents such as Certificate of Property Rights (SHM) and Building Permit (IMB). Also make sure the house still has complete documents, and is not problematic.

3. Looking for an Overview of the Ideal Home
Buying a used house has limited options compared to buying a new home, but you can choose a house that fits the criteria. For example, a house with a strategic location, easy access to public transportation, complete public facilities, and of course a safe environment for families.

4. Check the Condition of the House
Buying a used home has more risks in terms of building quality. You should invite a trusted builder or contractor who understands the condition of the building. Check the entire foundation, structure of the building, and others, whether the condition is feasible and safe if occupied for years to come. Also check the air circulation and waterways.

5. Pay attention to water spring
In everyday life, a human being needs about 10 gallons of clean water for activity. For consumption, washing clothes and dishes, bathing, cleaning the house, cars, and much more. Therefore, clean water sources are very important to think about before buying a house, or that is new or used.

6. Pay Attention to Electricity Availability
Before agreeing to buy a used house, first check whether the electrical power in the house is enough to meet all electronic equipment. Especially if you plan to install enough electronics. If it is not enough, upgrade alias add power online through pln website. In addition, make sure the installation of electrical cables is in good condition to avoid the occurrence of electrical short circuits.

7. Calculating Unexpected Costs
There are still a number of other expenses besides for renovation purposes, namely:
• Certificate Checking Fee
• Income Tax Expenses (PPh)
• Land and Building Rights Acquisition Duties (BPHTB)
• Name Return Fee
• Non-Tax State Revenue Fee (PNBP)
• Pay attention to the location of the house
Before buying a used home, you should also ensure a comfortable location and not be isolated from the outside world. This will not only be useful when you will be traveling, but also in terms of the selling price of the house later. In addition, knowing the location of the dwelling will also equip yourself with various kinds of information such as which areas are prone to floods, landslides, and other natural disasters.

8. Research the Surroundings
After knowing the location of the house, do a little research about the surrounding environment. You should double check whether the environment in the house is comfortable to live in. In addition, it is also important to check how the safety of the surrounding environment, street lighting, and the distance of the house with first aid buildings such as hospitals and police stations.

9. Know the Age of the House
In addition to paying attention to the condition of the house and everything in it, you also have to pay attention to the age of the used house to be purchased. Know the age of the house and what risks will be faced when visiting the used house in the future. In addition to security reasons, knowing the age of the house will have an impact on the selling price of a used house.

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