12 Best Rooftop Design Ideas for Small Spaces

12 Best Rooftop Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Having a cool rooftop home is a dream for many people. Not only as a residential roof, the rooftop can also be used as a multifunctional area, such as a relaxing spot, family gatherings, and so on.

If the area is small and narrow, what will you do? Here, we presents a number of simple house rooftop models that can make your home feel comfortable and charming. Check this out!

Simple Rooftop Design

In general, the rooftop serves as a place to relax or gather with family. The soothing natural nuances make the place very suitable to be used to enjoy the rest of the day.

But, if you don’t have enough land, don’t worry because here are a number of small house rooftop terrace designs that can be used as examples.

1. Monochrome Minimalist Rooftop

Did you know, the minimalist home rooftop model is the most popular display for many people. It is because this design is able to present a simple modern nuance, even in small spaces. Generally, minimalist models use monochrome colors on furniture and floors, such as gray and white.

To make it look fresh and cool, you can add some green plants in the corner of the rooftop along with chairs and tables to relax. You will not regret it, if you feel so tired then it can be reduced instantly.

2. Rooftop with Bamboo Bench

If you want to present a cool and unique rooftop design, try to use a bamboo bench as a shady and fun gathering spot. Just combine it with a rocking chair so that the place is more comfortable to use and spend free time with family. Interesting, right?

3. Rooftop with Ornamental Plants

This model is perfect for you if you have a hobby of ornamental plants. As you know, ornamental plants can make your home feel fresher. You can combine it with wooden chairs to make the atmosphere calm and comfortable.

4. Rooftop as Dining Area

To maximize land use, you can try this one. Yup, making the rooftop as a place to eat together is an interesting idea that you should consider.

While eating food, you and your family can talk to enjoy the weekend together. Just put an outdoor table with decorative lights on top, it will be a comfortable and warm rooftop.

5. Rooftop with Plants and Chandelier

Presenting a variety of plants along with chandeliers is one of the simple house rooftop designs that can make your residential atmosphere look beautiful. Besides that, the plants will also create a cool and calming nuance. Meanwhile, the chandelier serves to provide illumination, especially at night.

6. A Little Furniture in Rooftop

The minimalist home rooftop model will match if you only use a little furniture. Sometimes, too many items make the area narrower or feel so full. So, it might be a good idea to put the important furniture, such as carpets, lights, and another decorations to beautify the appearance.

7. Rooftop with Pool

If you have more budget, a luxury house rooftop design with mini fish pond can also be a choice. To make it more beautiful and charming, add a number of ornamental plants around it. Then, put a rocking chair along with a small table to use as a place to relax in the afternoon.

8. Rooftop with Rattan Chairs

In addition to a rocking chair or ordinary wood, you can create comfort and warmth by using a rattan chair. Then, combine the chair with a wooden parquet floor to increase the warm nuance in it. This design will make you spend a lot of time on the rooftop.

9. Rooftop with Wood Material

Rooftop terrace design of a modern small house can be created by using a combination of wood elements. This natural material will make your home look amazing because the lighting feels warm and elegant. Just choose rustic furniture so that the rooftop nuance is cool and calm.

10. Rooftop as Playground

Do you want to have an impressive house rooftop design? Try the following ideas. Making the rooftop area as children’s playground is a great choice for those of you who have children.

This design is very simple, use a synthetic grass carpet as a floor mat, then combine it with a mini tent. Don’t forget to take some chairs and beautiful plants to make the playing spot is more comfortable.

11. Mini Garden

If you don’t have children, the rooftop can be transformed into a mini garden. Not just as a relaxing area. Rooftop can also be used as a multifunctional place. Especially if you like gardening but don’t have enough land outside. Well, a simple house rooftop design is the solution.

12. Hammock in the Rooftop Area

The last, hanging a hammock on the side of the area. This is intended to relax, relieve fatigue while reading a book or enjoying the fresh air. You will be very comfortable for hours there.

That’s a number of simple and beautiful house rooftop designs that can make your home feel comfortable. If you don’t have a large area of land, the various choices of rooftop models above can be a solution. Hope you find this useful!

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