What is Cottage? and The Difference Between Hotel and Villa

What is Cottage? and The Difference Between Hotel and Villa

Have you ever heard about the cottage? Cottages are one type of lodging such as villas or hotels. Generally, cottages are built in an environment with natural tourism place. Therefore, many people think that the cottage is a villa.

So,check this article for an explanation. We have summarized information about cottages ranging from understanding, characteristics, to the difference from other types of lodging. Check it out!

What is a cottage?

From the English language, the meaning of cottage refers to traditional dwellings in the countryside that are close to natural scenery such as mountains, beaches, sugai, or lakes. Originally, the notion of cottage was the simple medieval home of a farmhand or cotter. Another name of the cottage is the tourist cottage. In addition, cottages also exist in natural environments both natural and artificial. Therefore, generally cottages are in the suburbs or tourist areas that are far from the hustle and bustle of the city.  For those of you who want to relax from daily work staying in a cottage can be an option.

The difference between cottage and villa

In rural or tourist areas, villa is one of the most common types of lodging found.  That is why villas and cottages are both favorite places to relax or rest. But the fundamental difference between a villa and a cottage is in terms of size. Villas tend to have a larger size than cottages. Also, the price is also more expensive. Another feature is that the villa often has a front yard and seems luxurious. But the cottage concept tends to be simple and looks old-fashioned.

History of cottages

In England, the cottage was originally a terraced house built as a place where village mine workers stayed. That is, cottages are accommodation in the form of small huts or huts for workers. Then,in Europe over time the impression of cottages became more positive. People’s perceptions began to change and regarded cottages as bungalow houses.

It is further aided by the use of cottages, which may be converted into temporary housing while being used for recreational purposes. So, the facilities and benefits of cottages continue to improve both from design to building.

Cottage Characteristics

In order to get to know more about what a cottage is, here we have summarized its characteristics:

  1. Location and Architecture

Generally cottages are located close to nature that have beautiful scenery such as mountains, beaches, rivers and lakes. Therefore, to adjust to its location, the cottage concept pays a lot of attention to the arches of the doors, trim, and the shape of the windows that resemble the architectural style of the bungalow.

  1. Interior

Not only to architecture, the purpose of the spatial arrangement and interior used in the cottage is comfort and harmony with the beautiful and natural atmosphere around.

  1. Simple Size

The size of the cottage area is below 185.8 square meters or even smaller than that. The living room as the center of the house as well as the main feature, the dining room becomes one with a central room, and there are only one to three bedrooms. Another characteristic that adds to the simple but charming charm of the cottage is the use of floors from wood materials.

  1. Combined Traditional and Modern

Although a simple traditional impression design can make you nostalgic, but you still can feel  the modern side can be seen from practicality and comfort.


Types of cottages

Based on the character of the area or the location of its construction, the types of cottages are divided into:

  1. Beach Cottage

As the name, this first type is a cottage located in the beachfront area. By utilizing all the potential of nature, beach cottages make the charm of the high seas view as one of its own attractions.

  1. Mountain Cottage

If it was on the beach, the second type is a mountain cottage built near a settlement or mountainous area with a calm and beautiful atmosphere.

  1. Tourist Rural Cottage

This third type is cottages in rural areas that have the potential to become attractive tourist destinations for tourists. Usually, the attraction of tourist village cottages is spatial layout, culture of the surrounding community, or other elements. You will find many cottages of this type in Bali, Jogja, Malang, NTT and other tourist countryside that still maintain their culture.

  1. Rehabilitation Cottage

Not only as a resting place when recreation, another role of the cottage is as a place of healing or rehabilitation of patients with certain diseases. Usually, rehabilitation cottages are intended for those who need a comfortable place to live and support their recovery.

  1. Urban Cottage

Somewhat different from the cottage concept away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this latter type of cottage is in the city. Even so, the artificial natural atmosphere of the cottage can still be built and used as a rest of business activities, meetings, and ect.

Cottage facilities

Cottage facilities can vary according to the target market. However, considering the main function of the cottage is as a temporary resting place, of course the main facility is a comfortable bedroom. More details as follows:

  • Location based on nature and or culture and accessible mode of transportation.
  • Typical building design that reflects the local architectural style of the area of its location.
  • A separate guest bedroom is available from other rooms in the cottage provider’s house.
  • The bedroom is equipped with basic necessities as well as other comfortable furniture.
  • A bathroom, toilet and clean water supply are available.
  • There is a clean kitchen.
  • Other common services such as eating consumption, laundry, and or parking locations are at least enough for 3 cars.

Well, those are the things about cottages that you should not miss. If you want to vacation, cottage is one of the lodgings that you can choose. The concept of the building is guaranteed to create a sense of comfort and make your days and family during the holidays more exciting!

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