3 Best Minimalist Two-Story House Designs for a Young Family

3 Best Minimalist Two-Story House Designs for a Young Family

House minimalist design can accommodate 2-4 family member includes children. Did you know that not all of two story house has to designed in luxury and spacious design. You can see the following examples.

Nowadays, most people love this design because it is simple. This simple design give priority for efficiency and function without disappear the occupant necessary.

The storey building model is a model of a house that is generally found in Indonesia. If you are interested, you can see the examples here.

Examples of Scandinavian Modern Minimalist Two-Story House Designs

Two-story house designs can take the inspiration in Scandinavian-style that bring elegant without forgetting minimalist element. This designs took the inspiration from the houses in Denmark and Sweden.

Scandinavian-style emphasize bright interior ceilings and use natural light. Soft color and accent usually create through the utilizing of neutral color like pastel, brown or white. These colors will also make the ceiling interior feel spacious.

Scandinavian-style emphasizes minimalist style for all of the aspects of house design, such as layout and even furniture. Scandinavian-furniture has modern style and functional. The combination of soft color, interior, and furniture will give the best nuance into your house.

If you want to use Scandinavian-style minimalist two-story house designs, you can organize the blueprint according to your needs. Use large windows to maximize the light and utilize wood to give visual dynamics in your house design.

Best Examples of Two-Story House Design with Cube-Style

Two-story house designs has the advantages because it does not require a spacious land. Therefore, cube-style design is suitable for two-story house on a narrow land.

Since the shape is in form of box, it will be easier to arrange the space. If you have a great concept, cube-style will be good as well as other designs.

The cube-style design is good for the sunlight in the front and back and the circulation can bring cool air. For the design of two-story cube-style that applies minimalist concepts, the floor can be divided based on the function.

You can use the upper floor as a private room and the lower floor as a family room. For the first floor, try to make the it bigger so you can use it for a terrace.

Simple cube-style house can also take advantage of the open space as well as other designs. The front can be added a carport and a garden in the back. The garden can also capture the air which will make the nuance cooler. In addition, this design will make the house look more spacious.

Examples of Japanese-Style Minimalist Two-Story House Design

Japanese society is known to have a neat and orderly nature, which can be seen in their architectural style. Minimalist two-story house designs often come from Japan, because the increasingly narrow land forces the architects to be more creative.

Like Scandinavian-style, the Japanese-style also emphasizes a minimalist style. Spatial planning must be optimized and carried out in accordance with its function.

The design of a two-story house in a narrow area with a Japanese-style has simple features but still stands out and is neat. Japanese-style architecture often uses a mix of classic touches to bring a traditional impression. The combination of wood and exposed concrete is often use to strengthen the structure of this model building. In the terms of shape, the Japanese-style design simplifies the shape of the house with minimal detail and development on narrow land.

Two-Story House Design Costs

The choice of two-story residential design and costs can be arranged according to your needs. One handyman can be paid at a price of IDR 100,000 – IDR 200,000 per day, depending on your agreement with them.

The construction of a modern minimalist two-story house design with a wholesale system can cost IDR 3,000,000 – IDR 15,000,000 per meter, but this is all relative to the complexity and choice of building materials. The cost to build a two-story residence is also very dependent on the size and price of land, which is different in each region.

That’s information about the best two-story house designs that can be designed with various models. When you want to choose, make sure the model is adjusted to your environment and budget. So, the results can be satisfied.


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