4 Popular Modern Home Design Inspirations and Their Concepts

4 Popular Modern Home Design Inspirations and Their Concepts

Unique models and concepts are one of the main factors why modern home design is growing in popularity. The character of this type can usually be seen from the roof that does not adopt the shape of a saddle or pyramid shape. So, modern style home designs often look like a constellation of box blocks.

So far, a modern minimalist house is the most popular concept for buying or building a house with a modern design. This style accommodates minimalist but elegant ideas that these days influence the lifestyle of many people to make it a view of life or lifestyle.

Check out the full discussion of the concept of a modern style house in the following article:

Modern house concept

Apart from the modern label, the concept of this house does not really highlight the contemporary impression. The history of this style house was started by a group of people in the 19th and 20th centuries who referred to themselves as “Modernism”.

The idea of the group came from the development of industrial society with their modern thinking which experienced a shift from the original culture, including in terms of architecture. When you look closely, the concept of this house is closer to retro design.

Features of a modern house

There are several elements that are characteristic of a modern style house, both in terms of design and selection of house materials. In general, modern style houses use many symmetrical shapes for the exterior design of the house, such as roofs and large windows.

Color selection also tends to use monochrome or neutral options with a gradation theme to create an elegant impression. No wonder if a modern minimalist house is more widely chosen.

In addition, many houses of this type that favor the concept of open space with floating furniture to produce a wider space. Lighting conditions are also regulated as much as possible including during the day.

Related to the use of building materials, modern style houses prefer the use of exposed concrete, wood, plastic, and steel. As for furniture, the materials selected are many polished such as glass and chrome.

Inspiration for modern home design

Are you planning to buy or build a modern style house? Check out the recommendations for inspiration for a modern style house that fits almost any type of architectural design below:

Minimalist modern home design

The concept and design of a modern minimalist house is the most sought after structure that is never timeless. Simple but elegant and the concept that brings a broad impression is the main factor why minimalism is chosen.

Source: Pinterest

Combined with the concept of a modern style house, the minimalist design creates a blend of comfortable homes with an open atmosphere but still pays attention to aesthetics. In general, modern minimalist house plans try to optimize the existing space

Therefore, many interior arrangements that use the concept of hidden storage to maintain the neatness of the room and create a wider impression. The materials used also tend to use glass, wood, stone, and metal.

Modern industrial home design

The luxurious and dazzling look is the impression you will get on this modern home design. The industrial touch gives the impression of a masculine house with its exterior and interior arrangement.

Source: Decorilla

One of the characteristics of this type is the use of materials from wood or iron and glass walls. Thus, the effects of the industry become more visible.

Modern classic home design

As the name implies, which encourages classic designs, this house is dominated by the aesthetics of a beautiful and elegant architectural design. This classic house design is often associated as a symbol of upscale housing because the selection of designs and colors requires experts to produce a beautiful blend.

Source: Architectural Digest

A distinctive feature of a classic house is the selection of house pillars as decorative elements or focal points. Interior and exterior design also often highlight unusual shapes to give the classic impression itself.

Design of a 3-story house

Do you want a modern-style house on limited land? The concept of a 3-story house is popular as a townhouse residence and is an option for land that is not spacious. The additional floor provides its own advantages for the residents.

Source: Pinterest

There is a lot of space that can be added as needed, air circulation becomes smoother, and the layout of the house becomes more structured in this modern home design. In addition, many houses of this type adopt a simple design that accentuates luxury through the structure of the building.

Modern home design is increasingly in demand because of the concept. Coupled with a minimalist touch increasingly makes this model house look elegant and adds a broad impression. Those are some inspirations for modern homes. So, are you interested in trying out the design of this house?

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