17 Simple Cafe Design Ideas in a Small Shophouse

17 Simple Cafe Design Ideas in a Small Shophouse

The coffee shop trend that is more popular today might persuade you to jump into it. Of the various concepts, the design of a simple cafe in a small shophouse remains a favorite in various circles because it is considered more practical and efficient. In fact, you can conjure up its appearance into some interesting contemporary styles.

Curious about what a simple and beautiful cafe design looks like in a small shop? In this article, we will summarize it especially for you. Check it out!

15 Simple Cafe Design Inspirations in a Small Shophouse

Here are 15 simple cafe designs in small shophouses that you can use as inspiration.

1. Modern cafe

You can create a simple cafe design in a small shophouse by using modern concepts or contemporary concepts such as adding appropriate lamp ornaments and sofas. In addition, the selection of colors in modern cafes must be considered. Some basic color choices can be neutral colors such as white, brown, and gray.

2. Minimalist cafe

Not only at home, a minimalist theme can also be applied to cafes. The use of minimal ornaments and simple furniture can create a concise and pleasing impression.

3. Classic cafe

You can also apply a classic theme as a simple cafe design in a small shop. You can add furniture from the 80s or 90s that can attract customers. Remember to keep adapting the cafe design to your budget.

4. Outdoor cafe

Well, if you want to try a new cafe design where visitors can feel the outside air, maybe an outdoor cafe is the right choice. Especially if the cafe is in an area with cool air. Make sure to keep providing some photo spots to attract more customers’ attention.

5. Cafe instagramable

For those of you who are looking for inspiration for a simple cafe design in a small shop, then you might consider choosing an instagramable cafe. The reason is, by relying on space limitations, you can still attract visitors’ interest through some contemporary instagramable photo spots.

6. Rustic cafe

Among several simple cafe designs in small shophouses, maybe the rustic cafe is the most favorite. Rustic cafe carries an old school theme and combines plants, bricks and other natural materials.

7. Indoor garden cafe

If you want the visitors to feel the nuances of nature without leaving the cafe, then you can bring nature into the cafe with an indoor garden option. Customize some vines and pretty flower pots and make some decorations for them.

8. Vintage cafe

You can adapt vintage cafes as you wish, such as themed in the 40s, 50s, or 60s. In addition, you can also choose a sub-theme, namely antique decoration, grandma’s house, or even historical places in the world.

9. Library cafe

A library cafe or a book cafe is a choice of a simple cafe design theme in a small shophouse. You can add books from several categories according to your target market.

10. Cat cafe

This cafe must have other living creatures besides humans. Yup, a cat cafe is a simple but unique cafe design idea that is worth considering, because cats are one of the most favorite pets.

However, aspects that need to be considered from cat cafes, namely cat welfare, such as food, cage cleanliness, and stress levels must be considered, especially when among many visitors.

11. Tropical cafe

There are several references to workable ideas for tropical cafes, especially since we live in a tropical country. Some cafes adapt tropical themes through jungle style decorations and some make them a beach-style cafe in Bali. Interested to try it as a simple cafe design in a small shop?

12. Artistic cafe

Artistic cafe is a cafe with a polished art that uses artists as references, such as Picasso, Salvador Dali, and Rembrandt. You can also adopt iconic Indonesian artworks like Raden Saleh.

13. Industrial style cafe

Industrial style cafe can be a simple cafe design option in a small shophouse by adapting a factory building, storage area, or other industrial building. What’s more, you can adapt it to a limited space.

14. Fashion cafe

Well, this one is the latest simple cafe design in a well-known brand clothing store. The company saw an opportunity that visitors might take their time to rest apart from shopping, so the idea for the fashion cafe was born.

15. TV series or movie cafe

Are you a big fan of series or movies? If so, maybe you are interested in creating a simple cafe design in a small shophouse by adapting the fictional story. Choose a movie or series that has strong characters like Harry Potter, Narnia, or superhero movies like Batman so people can easily identify them.

16. Boho style cafe

Boho or bohemian refers to a nomadic tribe who has a high artistic soul living in an area called Bohemian. Decorations in boho cafes are usually dream catchers, low-legged tables, knitted curtains, floor pillows, and others.

17. Culture cafe

If you are fond of the cultural history of a particular community, you can apply it in a cafe. However, the consequence of choosing a cultural cafe is that the equipment and decorations may be difficult to obtain. Therefore, carefully consider these options before you start.

Those are 17 simple cafe design inspirations in small shop houses in various styles that you can use as a reference. Are you sure you want to start a coffee shop business now?

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