Minimalist Modern Tropical Home Concept and Tips To Build It

Minimalist Modern Tropical Home Concept and Tips To Build It

Having a residence in the area around the equator requires special tricks or concepts to stay comfortable in the middle of fairly hot weather. One of the concepts that are widely used is the concept of tropical home design. As the name, this tropical type of house is intended to bring a tropical atmosphere into the house but does not feel hot.

In addition to providing comfort, the presence of a tropical model home is suitable for families who want to spend a lot of time at home. Residential design that is not boring will make you and your family feel at home and get a pleasant quality time. Interested in the concept of this house? Check out the following explanation of tropical design houses.

Understanding the Concept of Tropical Homes

Indonesia is a country located on the equator and has a tropical climate. Tropical climate conditions are affected by the sun’s irradiation that continues throughout the day. So, winter does not exist in tropical climates. There is only hot weather and high rainfall.

Tropical climate also has high air humidity so that building materials such as wood are easily weathered. Therefore, this type of house is made to be suitable and resistant to tropical climate conditions. With a wide variety of structural and technical designs, this home design is made to withstand hot temperatures throughout the day, rainfall and high air humidity.

Tropical Home Design Inspiration

  1. Minimalist tropical home concept

This minimalist tropical home concept has several characteristics combined with a minimalist style. Like tropical model designs in general, this design has a sloping roof shape. A sloping roof has two functions, namely to improve air circulation and to fend off rainwater. High roofs are also used to launch air flow in the house. Minimalist nuances in the picture above can be seen from the concept of open space and the shape of the building used.

  1. Ideal modern tropical home

With neutral colors and land sizes that are not too large, this example is an ideal modern tropical home to have. This example has a neutral color scheme that does not absorb heat. This helps maintain the coolness of the house so that it does not heat up in the house. The front of the house is also equipped with a small garden that you can complete with tropical plants.

A high roof with a sloping shape is an important element to keep the temperature stable. You can also add large windows to maximize air circulation.

  1. Traditional tropical home design

Not only modern style, tropical home design can also be built with traditional style. The traditional house of Javanese joglo is combined with modern facilities. This combination of modern and traditional can match the selection of the right color scheme. Swimming pools, as well as beautiful tropical greenery can make your traditional tropical home design feel luxurious.

  1. 1 Floor Tropical house design

In this example of tropical 1-story house design, brick is used as the dominant material. Bricks are suitable for this type of house because of its nature that does not absorb heat, so the house is not hot. Large windows and sloping roofs help also help maintain temperature. With such a similar roof, rainwater will not be accommodated on the roof.

  1. Simple tropical home design

tropical design houses can be built simply. Although the volume of the roof does not look high, with the use of large windows and the open concept, the air is not stuffy so the house remains cool.

Tips for building a tropical home

  1. Give void space at home

Due to the hot weather and humid air, the narrow house will feel hot and hot in tropical climates. To help with air flow, you can apply a large enough roof volume. To add void space, you can also arrange your home with the concept of open space so that the air does not feel clogged.

  1. Use a large window

To make your home feel cool and comfortable, you can use large windows to smooth air flow. Large windows when combined with a large void space will serve as airbags that will bring fresh air to your home.

  1. Multiply greenery

The concept of a tropical house is perfect for combining with the right greenery. To add a tropical feel, you can use plants such as cambodian trees, monstera, anthurium to succulent which are now a trend. If you have limited land, you can use the concept of vertical garden.

  1. Add Water elements

In a house with a tropical concept, adding water elements such as fish ponds or swimming pools can bring fresh air to your home. If a swimming pool does not fit, a small pool is also enough. Or maybe just add a fish pond to create a more vibrant home feel.

Tropical design houses are interesting to apply, especially in indonesia which is in the equatorial region.

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