Know the IPL cost of the apartment and how to calculate it

If you decide to buy an apartment and live there, then the cost to think about is not just how much per unit. Beyond that, you also have to consider other costs, one of which is the cost of IPL apartment. IPL apartment is an abbreviation of Apartment Management Dues.

Apartment IPL is a dues charged to each unit occupant to meet the maintenance costs and salaries of building managers. Each apartment has a different range of IPL costs. Let’s take a closer look at the following explanation.

What is IPL Apartment?

IPL apartment is a fee that must be paid by the residents of the unit for the financing of the manager’s salary and the maintenance of the apartment environment. IPL does not include installment costs, but includes, insurance, cleanliness, employee salaries, security and the like.

Apartment IPL is an emerging cost because each apartment environment is professionally managed by the officers. Starting from its cleanliness, shared facilities, public order using vital tools.

Although it becomes a definite cost in each apartment, but the cost of IPL apartments varies, depending on the area of your residential unit. So that the wider your unit is, the more likely the higher the IPL fee charged. Usually starting from Rp 10.000 – Rp 50.000 thousand per square meter.

There are several factors that affect the high IPL rate on apartments, including closed parking, clubhouse facilities, underground garages, tight security and several other premium facilities. The more complete, then do not be surprised if the tariff is greater.

The cost of IPL apartment or also known as maintenance fee usually includes:

1. Sinking funds, which are reserve funds obtained from each unit, are used for emergency repairs are vital.

2.Utilias, which includes the cost of electricity, gas and pure water, as well as safety costs, escalators / elevators, engine maintenance and etc.

3.Service charge, which is the cost of service including employee salaries, operational, licensing, equipment and administration.

Legal Basis of IPL Apartment Collection

IPL apartment is a dues that have been officially regulated in Law No.20 of 2011 related to Flats and Government Regulation No. 4, 1988, related to flats. More specifically discussed in the Flats Law Article 57 Section 1 which explains the privilege of managers in collecting management dues.

In the Law, it is explained that financing for the management of goods, parts and land together is charged to each occupant or owner of the apartment unit.

The basis of determining the amount of dues is seen from the total operational costs and maintenance of goods, areas, to shared facilities every month, divided by the total area of the entire unit. Then each unit will be charged IPL apartment according to the area of the unit.

How to Calculate an Apartment IPL

The amount of IPL cost rates is often the root cause between unit residents or P3SRS (Association of Flat Owners and Residents) and the apartment manager. Most residents certainly want low rates, even though the determination of these rates is abstracted by several factors.

The main thing that the manager must do before establishing an apartment IPL is to know the expense plan for the next year. In addition, it is necessary to know the estimated income from outside the IPL, such as from advertising, cooperation and so on.

After recapitulated, then the estimated expense is reduced by revenue. Well, the lack of these costs that will later be charged to the residents, with a wide division of units.

To make it easier, look how to calculate the apartment IPL in the following this formula with examples.

One unit of Anyelir Tower Apartment has an area of 20 square meters. IPL charged to its residents is Rp 15.000 per square meter. With the calculation of IPL, the amount of IPL apartment costs is as follows:

Cost of IPL = IPL apartment x unit area

= Rp 15.000 x 20

= Rp 300.000

So, from the calculation it is known that one unit of Anyelir Flower Apartment with an area of 20 square meters will be charged an IPL fee of Rp300.000.

Actually, the amount of apartment IPL rates is something that has been listed in the PPJB (Buying and Selling Binding Agreement) that must be paid by residents, even though the apartment is not being occupied.

If it is felt that the IPL rate is too high, then the residents have the privilege to questioned it in the highest forum, that is  Annual General Meeting. In the forum, you can ask the basis of the determination of IPL in detail. So, the residents must also consider the needs needed by the manager for their convenient.

That’s an explanation of what an IPL apartment is. In addition to the IPL, there are still some other costs that you should consider well. Therefore, before buying an apartment, pay attention to every detail of the rules.

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