12 Inspiration for Small Modern Bathroom Designs

12 Inspiration for Small Modern Bathroom Design

Some people may make bathing activities for relaxation. Therefore, it is not surprising that various efforts are carried out to present a comfortable atmosphere based on their individual preferences. For example, by applying a charming modern bathroom design.

Perhaps, you are the one who feels interested? Here we present some inspiration of modern  bathroom design  in a variety of interesting styles that you should try. Check it out!

12 Modern Bathroom Design Inspiration

For those of you who are looking for minimalist, simple, or luxurious modern bathroom design recommendations, check out some of the inspiration below.

White Dominant Color

The first simple modern bathroom design is to choose the dominant color of white to give the impression of clean and neat. In addition, you can also add wall hangings with soft colors such as light brown or azure.

Do not forget to adjust the lighting and air circulation as best as possible by adding windows and ventilation. In addition, install bathroom lights with enough intensity so as not to be too glare.

Japanese Oriental Style

You can use this Japanese oriental style to change your bathroom into a modern minimalist in 2×2.  For the applying, coat the interior wall of wood to make it look simple and soothing.

In addition, to make it look spacious, place the sink elongated according to the size of the space and then put a mirror on it. The rest of the room can be used as a bathing area. For the outside, use sliding doors to save space.

Without Bulkhead

You can make a small modern bathroom become wider by removing the seal between the bathtub and shower with the sink and toilet seat. If you want to keep the sink area dry, you can also provide a transparent bulkhead in the shower head area.

Decorative Wall

Modern bathroom wall models are not only plain, but you can add certain designs such as florals, plants, or geometry. In addition, use wall coating wallpaper that has strong adhesion, waterproof and does not peel easily.

Masculine Dark Wall

It does not have to be white, you can also give a combination of dark colors such as black or gray to give a masculine impression. To make it not be too gloomy, add wide glass, a touch of white, and some wooden furniture.

Lots of Glass and Shower Box

Adding some large glass will be able to provide reflection from many directions. This will have a broad impression. In addition, add a shower box and a modern bathroom tub for wet areas if you want to show the impression of luxury.

Golden Colored Element

The addition of gold colors to elements such as shower handles, faucets, or doors can give the impression of a luxurious modern bathroom exclusive to your bathroom.

In addition, the touch of gold will be very suitable juxtaposed with some modern bathroom fixtures such as bathtubs, hanging shelves, cabinets, and shower boxes. So, there is no harm in adding these things if you have more budget.

Pastel Colors

Pastel colors are always the right choice for you who love a beautiful and soothing shades of calm. Use mint green, turquoise, or rose gold to give the impression of colorful but still comfortable to the eye.

In order not to be too pale, combine it with dark colors such as dark blue and ceramic motifs, then give a touch of painting ornaments or contrasting colored flowers.

Indoor Plants

If you feel the current bathroom design is too monotonous and pale, then there is no harm in trying to add some indoor plants in small pots. This is very effective so that the interior feel seems more alive.

Some plants that can be added to your bathroom are ornamental cacti, tongue-in-law, and swiss cheese.

Wooden Furniture

The next inspiration for modern bathroom design is to add some wooden furniture or use it as floor or wall coating. The touch will give a fresh, soft, and look more spacious. You can combine it with pastel colors to give a calming impression.

Industrial Design

Lately industrial themes are very popular among millennials. You can also use it as a small bathroom design because the unfinished look model saves building materials.

The dominant colors in this design are gray, silver, black, or gold. You also do not need to paint the bathroom so that the industrial feel is getting thicker.

Traditional Style

Who says traditional style can’t be applied in modern bathrooms? As you know, this design will make your bathroom more special and reminiscent of the hometown.

You can use some modern bathroom equipment such as shelves, baskets, and cabinets made of wood. In addition, add decorations from wicker webbing, carvings, or other traditional motifs. That’s all about 12 bathroom design inspirations that can bring a cool look in your home. Hope you find it useful!


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