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In building a house, someone will plans various kinds of preparations carefully. One of them is in determining the type of roof of the house. There are many types of roofing materials that you can choose from. Each of these examples has its own characteristics and uniqueness. For those of you who want to know more about the type of roof house and its model, find it in this article!

The Function of Roof

As we know, the roof of the house is one of the most important parts of a dwelling. If there is no roof, then comfort will be lost. Here are the functions of the roof:

  1. Resisting excess dust from entering the house
  2. Banishing the scorching sun
  3. Reduce the impact of rain, storms, or natural disasters
  4. Protecting people and the items in the room below

The Type of Roof

After knowing a number of the functions of the roof, now let's determine what materials are suitable for your residence. Here are nine types of roofs that are commonly found in Indonesia.


Asbestos material is often used by Indonesian people as their roofing material. In general, asbestos is in the form of thin and wavy sheets with various sizes of length and thickness.

There are several advantages that can be obtained if the type of roof of your house is made of this material. Then, asbestos is a lightweight and easy-to-clean construction material.

However, of course this type of roof has weaknesses. As we already know, asbestos absorbs heat. So, if we are in the dry seasons, the space in the house will feel sultry and hot. This weakness will be felt especially in tropical regions such as Indonesia.

Clay Tiles

Clay tiles was known for their superior durability if we compared to other types. If you are looking for a type of roof that is not hot, you get this one. Because this type is able to dispel heat into the house, so the room will feel cool.

But it should be noted if there is an extreme weather change, moss will grow on the sidelines of the layers between tiles. In addition, it tend to be prone to leaks. So it needs proper installation and maintenance if you decide to use this type.


Usually, some houses in the village or an outdoor warehouses use a roof of zinc. This type is rarely used, because it is expensive and this roof causes a sound that is too loud if the gravel fall or when it is raining.

Canopy Roof

Balconies and carports usually also require a roof. Well, it should be noted that the type of roof used in this part is different from the roof on the core of the dwelling.

This type of roof is often known by the name of the canopy. Its function is as a heat retainer and avoids direct flow from the rain. Canopy design is also suitable for increasing the aesthetic value of the house because it can be adapted to various concepts according to your taste.


Polycarbonate is widely used for canopy roofs. This roof can be used as a replacement for the roof of greenhouse. Don't worry because the quality is also competitive. It can be seen from the advantages of the canopy such as strong and weather resistant, transparent, and even lighter than glass.

Glass Roof

Glass is also a material that is often found in the roof canopy. The manufacture of carports or as rooftop protectors usually rely on this one construction material. Glass roofs also often appear as a protective of the core building of the house, usually it use to produce natural light.

Galvalume Roof

Galvalume is a type of light steel that can be used as a reference besides tile in modern dwellings. Galvalume has a more flexible and lightweight shape structure. For the price, galvalume is also classified into materials with friendly prices.

But, just like asbestos, your room will be easily hot because galvalume absorbs the heat in dry seasons. In addition, the sound coming from outside is also less muffled. So, if it rains heavily, the room will sound noisy.

Concrete Roofs

Concrete or cast concrete roof is the application of concrete construction as a protector of the house. This type of this roof serves as a clothesline or even a rooftop garden. Cast concrete is often found in minimalist types of homes.

If you are considering future home renovations, cast concrete is a great option. Because that way, you don't have to bother dismantling the tiles and reassemble them.

PVC Roofs

Roofing techniques or roofing can also be done with polyvinyl chloride or PVC materials. Carports and garages are the parts of the house that most often use PVC as room protectors. The advantages of PVC as the roof is durable from erratic weather changes.

Roof Home Models

Various types of construction materials that have been mentioned earlier can be modified into the roof model of the house that fits with your taste. Let's find out some models that you can apply.

Gable Roof

The first model is the gable roof. When viewed carefully, the shape of this roof is similar to that of a horse saddle. Each side of the roof forms a 30-degree angle or triangular to make a room for the ceiling.

Flat Roof

Flat Roof is a model that you often find in homes or minimalist style buildings. This is because the corners are geometric and firm, forming the house to look simple.

Pyramid Roof

The next roof model that you commonly find in dwellings is the pyramid roof. The shape consists of two sides of a triangle and the other two form a trapezoid. This roof will be suitable for homes that have the same size or square.


Are you familiar with Joglo house? This roof model is known as a dormer. The characteristic is, there is little under the roof left. This is to avoid the rain entering the terrace of the house.

Now you have known a variety of information about the roof of the house. Besides to protective, the roof models of the house that have been mentioned can beautify your residence. Don’t forget to check out other articles about occupancy and property on this page.

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