Tips for Drawing Your Own Home Plan Without the an Architect

Tips for Drawing Your Own Home Plan Without the an Architect

Home as one of the primary needs is certainly a basic need for everyone. That is why planning a house plan, ranging from size to design should be something that should not be forgotten. Some people are even willing to pay for professional services to get the best floor plan. But for those of you who are still confused and plan to create their own home plan images, here we will presents some tips that for inspiration.

  1. The size of the house to be built

Before starting to determine the picture of the house plan, it is important to know the size of the dwelling to be built. You can start to take into account the size of the house according to your wants and needs based on the area of land you have. From here you can also determine how many types of floors will be built, either type of 1-story house or 2-story house type.

  1. Choose the dream home model

Next you can determine what kind of residential model you want. Of course this affects the results of your floor plan sketch later. In addition, knowing the desired residential model can also make it easier for you to get inspiration and references. For example, if you choose a minimalist home model, you need to pay attention to the optimization of the room to be more functional. Another example, if you choose a 2-story house model or a minimalist 3-room house you can start to determine where the bedroom is located.

  1. Determine the needs of the homeowner

Every family has different housing needs. There are families who want a prayer room, some want a swimming pool, or there are also those who want 3 bedrooms in their residence. Therefore, the sketches of each person’s floor plan cannot be equated. Let’s say for the results of a minimalist house plan 2 floors will certainly be different from the results of the type 45 house plan image. In addition, each family also has different tastes. Simple house plans and luxury house plans will also certainly be very different, considering the tastes and needs that also vary from each family.

You can start by determining the number of rooms you want to build. Determine how many bedrooms and bathrooms are needed. Also pay attention to whether your family needs a garage, garden, worship room, or sports room. Sometimes in some homes also have two kitchens, namely a clean kitchen and a dirty kitchen. This can be a calculated choice. Don’t forget to also take it into account with the number of floors you want.

After that, learn the needs of each space. From the standard size of each type of space to various things that may be needed to build a room. This step is important so that between spaces look harmonious and there are no rooms that collide with each other. For example by placing the kitchen and dining room close together, then put the bathroom close to the laundry room and so on. Next you can determine which room is a public space and privacy. From here you will be able to determine the appropriate design possibilities.

  1. Find appropriate inspiration and references

After analyzing the various processes above, the next step is to find appropriate inspiration and references. Now you can find various references and inspiration for examples of house plan drawings from various sources. Like the many youtube channels that provide free home plan images. In addition, now there are also many platforms that provide various home plan inspiration for free that can be used as a reference.

You can even use various applications to draw and simulate floor plan sketches that you make such as Home Design 3D: My Dream Home, Planner 5D, Floor Plan Creator, and various other applications. Through this simulation you can also reevaluate the floor plan sketches you have. Check and see if the floor plan you make is suitable if applied in real form.

  1. Draw a floor plan

The next step is to start drawing a floor plan. After learning various things related to the house plan and getting inspiration you can immediately share the idea. You can start by drawing a basic floor plan or a rough idea of the location of each space. From here you will be able to create various real floor plans so that later you will have more than one alternative floor plan. Furthermore, the basic plan can be further developed to be more specific. Like adding windows or doors to each room. In addition, you can also add material information for each size of the space.

That was some inspiration and tips for those of you who are interested in making their own home plan without the services of an architect. Always remember that building a house means creating a place to go home, return, and rest comfortably.

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