Getting to know More the Actual Parts and Functions of the House

Getting to know More the Actual Parts and Functions of the House

Parts of the house basically have their own functions and purposes. However, not all of these parts are important or mandatory to have. You should understand every part of the room so that it can be used as it should, especially if you are building a dwelling.

Well, setting up a house is not easy because of course it has to go through a process that is quite complicated and takes a lot of time. You also need to consider every part of the house and its function carefully. Let’s check out the guide below.

Part of the house and its function

Basically, the parts of the house are a unity that is designed in such a way that is in accordance with their respective functions.

  1. Front porch of the house

The terrace of the house is the front of a dwelling that is generally used to connect between homeowners and guests. While at some other times, this section is also used for the waiting room.

Although the effect is only as an additional part, but the real occupancy will feel incomplete if it does not have a terrace. Not only a function, the location of the terrace in the front area also makes it one of the important elements of parts of the house. Why? Because when people  see your house they will look at terrace at first right? Therefore, you need to pay attention to the terrace first.. Undeniably, a beautiful and attractive terrace will bring a sense of beauty to the residence.

  1. Living room

After the front porch, there is usually a living room. As the name implies, the main benefit of this section is to allow guests who visit your residence. In general, the living room is located not far from the front door or terrace of the house.

Meanwhile, in most dwellings, normally the living room is placed side by side with the middle or family space. However, quite a lot of people who position this room near the kitchen or mini bar. The goal is to facilitate service to someone when visiting.

  1. Bedroom

We can say that the bedroom is the most private space to the previous parts of the house. Because, the bedroom is generally used to remove fatigue from daily activities. So it is normal if this room is far from crowded areas such as living rooms, family rooms, or also garages.

  1. Family room

The family room is one of the parts of the house that is classified as a complementary space. However, this part is considered quite important because it is often used by all family members spending leisure time together. For example, as a place to play, watch a movie, get together with family, or even just talk.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the family room contains more tired release items, such as DVD players, TVs, sofas, and so on. Meanwhile, the location of the family room is often in the middle area of the house, between the living room, dining, and kitchen.

  1. Dining room

In addition to the bedroom and family room, there is also a room that is specifically used for eating and drinking together. However, some dwellings may also not have a dining room. Because this part is just a complement.

Meanwhile, in some cases, the existence of a dining room is a way to maintain the order of the members of the house not to eat or drink in other areas. This room is often placed not far from the kitchen to facilitate in serving dishes.

  1. Kitchen

Almost every home has a kitchen. Yup, this is one of the most important parts of the house that you should have. Because, without a kitchen, it will be quite difficult for family members to process and provide food or drinks every day.

For placement, you can put kitchen space in any area, whether it’s on the side, back, or outside the house. Just adjust it to your residential concept. Most importantly, make sure that the room has ventilation so that air circulation can be maintained properly.

  1. Bathroom

It would be not complete if the residence did not have a bathroom, right? Yes, like a bedroom, the bathroom is also the most important part of a house. Although the duration of time spent in the bathroom is less than other spaces, but this part actually has a crucial function.

Not just as a special clean-up room, the bathroom is generally incorporated into one with a toilet or place to urinate or large, even to the laundry at once.

  1. Warehouse

Actually, the warehouse is not one of the parts of the house that must be in your residence. This one room is specifically used as a place to store household appliances and unused items. However, because the warehouse has the impression of being dirty, then it would be nice if placed away from the family room and dining room.

  1. Additional room

If you have a large enough occupancy, then there is no harm in providing additional space or rooms, whether it’s a place to work, read, pray, relax, and others. However, of course, it must be adjusted to your needs and budget.

  1. Garage (Carport)

Do you have multiple two- or four-wheeled vehicles? Well, a garage can be one of those parts of the house that you may need. Even not only as a motor and car parking lot, the garage can also be used to store furniture and home appliances.

  1. Backyard

This one part is actually also not among the most important parts that you must have. If you have a budget or more land, the backyard may be considered to beautify the dwelling.

The backyard usually serves as a refreshing spot with more privacy than the front porch. You can also use this section to create entertainment venues, such as BBQ places or swimming pools.

After getting to know the parts of the house and its functions above, now you can consider what components are needed for your dream residence. Make sure you have done careful planning before building a house to avoid mistakes.

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