Types of House That are Suitable for Millennials

Types of House That are Suitable for Millennials

Millennials are the largest market for the property market. Usually they are young couples, or people who are already working formally. Of course, they need a house to live. But in the market there are many types of homes that are not necessarily in accordance with their needs.

The millennials is a lot. According to data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), at the 2020 census, Millenials in Indonesia reached 69.9 million. This number is equivalent to 25.87 percent of Indonesia’s population. Millennials according to BPS are defined as those born from 1981 to 1996. By this definition, millennials can be referred to as those who are currently between the ages of 25 and 40. But not all of them has a home. The latest data from the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing shows that the difference between needs and housing supply reaches 7.76 million units. No wonder millennials are the ones who need a home the most and become a property market.

Because at their age, they do need to immediately have a home before entering the age of 40 years. Because at that age generally falls into the category of productive age and can still work. So they can still access banking credit to buy a house. Because if it is late, then their productive age is not in line with the mortgage installment period. Assuming this, millennials become the largest property market today.

What type of home is suitable for them?

In Indonesia, known for various types of homes. Judging from the size there are three groups of house types. First simple house. This house has a maximum area of 90 square meters. Second, the middle house. The area of this type of house ranges from 91-300 square meters. The third type, is a luxury house, which is more than 300 square meters.

Well, generally millennials are young couples with 1-3 children. For those who have no problem with money, it is free to choose the type of home in their taste. But for those whose costs are limited and depend on mortgages, then the type of house needs to be adjusted to the down payment and credit ceiling.

Of the three types of houses, then the most reasonable is a simple type house. On the market, this simple type of house is further divided into several.

  1. Type 21-24 House

This house is the smallest on the market. The area is between 21 to 24 square meters. It usually consists of only one bedroom, bathroom, and multipurpose room. The kitchen is usually incorporated in a multipurpose room along with a dining room. If you are a couple who do not plan to have a baby, this house is suitable for you. Because, if you have a baby, you need additional rooms and more space for your child to play.

  1. Type 36 House

If you are a couple who have one child, but still limited by cost, this type of house is most suitable. Because, the bedroom is already 2 and a little more relieved than a type 21 house. So there is a child’s bed and the movement of the boy. But for kitchen matters, usually still blended with a versatile room. This house is usually also provided carport or parking in the yard.

In summary, this house is

  1. Type 45 House

still a development of a type 36 house. The additional area is with the garden, which is at the front and back of the house. In addition, there is already a partition between the living room and the guest room. The kitchen does not blend in with the living room. This house is usually suitable for couples with two children, or whose children have become teenagers.

  1. Type 54-60 House

This house is usually built with two stories to save land. So that the number of bedrooms can be developed up to three rooms. The living room is also more spacious and the bathroom can reach two units, one each for each floor.

This house is suitable for couples with 3 children, or who want to have a workspace at home.

  1. Type 70 House

Actually, this house can be similar to a medium house. Because, usually built up to 3 floors and the bedroom can reach 3 rooms. The living room and dining room are usually also separate. This house is suitable for those whose children have grown up or couples who have more activities at home.


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