12 Luxury, Elegant, and Classy Bedroom Design Inspirations

12 Luxury, Elegant, and Classy Bedroom Design Inspirations

Many people want to have a luxurious bedroom. Why not? The classy bedroom design just like in the hotel is not only beautiful, but also able to provide more comfort for some people.

Actually, there are so many minimalist modern luxury bedroom designs with paint color that you can choose according to your taste or needs. Well, if you love luxury and elegant room models, you have to follow the article below.

Luxury and Elegant Bedroom Design Inspiration

Here are a number of luxurious and classy bedroom design options that you can take as an inspiration. Check it out!

1. Elegant and Luxury White Bedroom

One of the inspirations you can try is the luxurious white bedroom with neutral decoration and soft lighting. Yeah, the white color is perfect for you because it creates an elegant impression on the room.

In addition, the all-white model will also make your room feel warm and soothing. To make it even more appealing, you can combine it with other neutral trinkets, such as light brown or gray.

2. Elegant Bedroom with Backlight

To add a luxurious feel, try using a backlight on each side of the room. Yes, this bedroom model is a must because it will make the room look a lot more classy.

On the other hand, the backlight also makes a warm and elegant impression like in a luxury hotel. To make it even more inviting, you can combine it with modern furniture, such as tables, chairs, or other decorations. In fact, any design model is perfect to combine with this idea.

3. Luxury Bedroom with Hanging Lamp

The chandelier can also be the one of the luxurious and elegant bedroom design inspirations. Large chandeliers are suitable according to the interior concept of your space. For example, chandeliers with crystal or glass material.

This feature is guaranteed to make the room look very classy. Especially if the interior of the space is compatible with the decoration or trinkets you use.

4. Modern Minimalist Luxury Bedroom with Wooden Accents

If you want a luxurious, modern, minimalist bedroom, you have to try using wood in the interior. You can use this material as a key element to create an elegant and simple nuance.

Don’t forget to choose the decoration with similar materials to make your space even more inviting. It doesn’t only make the room luxurious, but also brings a warm and current feeling.

5. Luxury and Glamorous Bedroom Wallpapers

In addition to using wood accents, you can take advantage of a wide range of wallpapers to make your bedroom more aesthetic. This is the simplest alternative if you want a luxurious feel to the room but you don’t like the use of a lot of decoration.

Just use luxury and glamorous style wallpaper for your room. Make sure the choice of wallpaper fits the theme of the room to make it look even more beautiful.

6. Minimalist Luxury Bedroom with Black Combination

Dark colors don’t mean gloom at all. In fact, dark colors like black can make a glamorous and minimalist impression on a room. Yeah, you can try this one by combining it with other elements.

For example, you can use woodwork, white trinkets, and black wall paint. It will be sure, your room will look attractive!

7. Bedroom with Wide Window

The next luxury and elegant bedroom design inspiration is to use wide and large window. This model is like a bedroom in an apartment or a classy hotel featuring glass windows on either side.

Basically, wide windows aim to improve the quality of the lighting so that the room appears much more spacious and bright. So that your room will look pretty and beautiful.

8. Monochrome Style and Modern Minimalist Luxury Bedroom

Monochrome has always been a favorite choice for many people to use in a variety of interiors, including bedrooms. The reason is that the monochrome concept with a mix of grey and black can combine elegant, modern, and also minimalist shades into one.

This theme is perfect if you like a simple and luxurious feel to the room. Just add a decoration with similar concepts, from curtains, tables, chairs, and mattresses to enhance the luxurious feel inside.

9. Bedroom with Marble Material

Do you want to have an elegant bedroom? You have to try to use marble in the interior, whether it is the walls or the floor of the room. Undeniably, the use of marble can display a luxurious impression instantly because it looks very expensive.

Using indoor marble material, it is guaranteed that your room will look very attractive. You can combine backlight or crystal chandeliers for extra luxury.

10. Gold Luxurious Bedroom

The interior in gold never fails to bring a luxurious feel to the room. Yeah, golden decorations always make a place look elegant and classy like in the hotel.

You just adjust the rest of the furniture and add the use of warm light to make the room look more beautiful and stunning.

11. Classic Modern Luxury Bedroom

If you love to have a classic modern design, try combining the theme with a luxurious interior. For example, you can use mirrors, beds, tables, or cabinets that have classic carvings.

Then, add a crystal chandelier as well as various large painting frames as supporting decorations. The utilization of wood materials in classic modern themes is also very suitable to apply in. You will get a residence that has a luxurious look.

12. Luxury Pastel Bedroom

Finally, you can also take advantage of pastel colors to bring a modern minimalist theme to your luxurious room. This idea is perfect for you if you like soft, beautiful, and cheerful spaces. To keep it elegant, try dominating the space in white.

That was a variety of modern minimalist luxury bedroom inspirations that you can try. So, how was that? Which of those would be your favorite?

Gallery of 12 Luxury, Elegant, and Classy Bedroom Design Inspirations

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