10 Designs of Joglo House, Traditional but Modern

10 Designs of Joglo House, Traditional but Modern

The modern joglo house is known as a contemporary building by maintaining Javanese cultural values through a contemporary touch. Not only that, the joglo house is also synonymous with its characteristics that use clay and wood as the main components.

Although it is sometimes considered an old classic building, here is a row of modern joglo houses that can be applied today. Let’s see!

10 Inspirations for modern joglo house designs

If you have a joglo-style house and are planning to design it to make it look more modern, here’s some inspiration.

1. Modern joglo house with open roof

The open roof in the application of the modern joglo house terrace model can be obtained through the use of fiber glass. In addition to more sunlight entering, a minimalist impression can be displayed because the design gives the impression of a wider yard/space due to the presence of an open roof.

2. Joglo house with a Japanese touch

With a Japanese touch, the modern joglo house looks forward to reflecting the fusion of cultures between the two countries. You can decorate it in the form of a classic Japanese lamp in the form of a simple box. In addition, the addition of a fish pond filled with koi fish around the house will also make the Japanese atmosphere feel more pronounced.

3. Modern minimalist joglo house

Well, a modern minimalist joglo house can be applied as one of your dream home design options. The roof can maintain the joglo house roof model, but the bottom can be adjusted to the concept of a beautiful minimalist house.

To execute this idea, you must follow the design of a minimalist house that has a simple design, not many decorations, and without excessive bulkheads in the building.

4. Joglo house with a modern swimming pool

When planning to have a joglo house, it doesn’t mean you lose the entertainment aspect and make your home very similar to a classic joglo. On the other hand, you can add modern facilities without losing the traditional Javanese feel.

You can add a swimming pool beside or behind the house with the addition of a small garden and a typical joglo gazebo to relax after swimming with your child or partner.

5. Modern multi-storey Joglo house

The multi-storey joglo house is suitable for those of you who are trying to minimize land use. You can make a simple modern joglo house to add a spacious impression and add other traditional Javanese decorations.

In addition, you can explore how far the combination of modern and traditional can be combined through your two-story building. Interested in trying?

6. Minimalist Joglo house with a touch of natural decoration

The modern joglo house design can be combined with a touch of natural stone which makes it appear more attached to the natural surroundings.

The use of natural stone on the walls of the building can be added with a small garden in front of the house, carrying a similar concept. Natural impression can also be obtained from the selection of neutral colors or other wood colors.

7. Minimalist joglo house with a modern white roof

Modern luxury joglo houses can be obtained by applying white as the dominant color of the building. In contrast to most simple modern joglo houses, white shades will look striking and quirky but still show the joglo character from the shape and roof of the building.

This white joglo house can be combined with turquoise green or other bright colors.

8. Minimalist joglo house with wood accents

The inspiration for the next luxurious modern joglo house is to make wood accents as the dominant element in a building. If you want to impress a minimalist concept, you just have to keep the spacious rooms not insulated and give the decorations as simple as possible.

Although it can be made in a minimalist concept, a house with wood accents can also be directed into an elegant luxury style with the addition of golden decorations.

9. Joglo house surrounded by fish pond                    

Adopting a royal palace design where there must be a fish pond around it, you can apply this idea to your home. The selection of natural stone as the walls of the fish pond will affect the impression that will emerge from the pond.

If you want to imitate ancient temples, you can choose a material that has a high resemblance to the temple material and place fish in it. The clear water in the pool will refresh your mind after a long day at work, you know!

10. Modern minimalist joglo house with support poles

Well, the characteristics of a minimalist home can be maintained by placing an open room with several supporting poles in the corners. The wooden poles will clarify the traditional impression that is still considered in the design of the house.

The use of lamps for lighting must also be considered because open spaces should already support the electricity savings of a building.

For those of you who want to apply classic-traditional elements with modern, modern joglo house ideas above can be used as a reference. Don’t forget to add appropriate decorations and interiors.

Gallery of 10 Designs of Joglo House, Traditional but Modern

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