9 Design Inspirations of 2-Story Shophouse, Minimalist and Modern

9 Design Inspirations of 2-Story Shophouse, Minimalist and Modern

Having a beautiful 2-storey shophouse design is certainly an important thing that you must think carefully about. The reason is, not only beautifying the appearance, it can also increase the attractiveness of your business stall. In the end, the quality of sales also develops.

Want to know how the best 2 storey shophouse design is suitable for your business? Let’s check the collection of inspiration below!

Building Permit (IMB) Fees

Before discussing the design of the building, it is also important for you to know the IMB fee for a 2-storey shophouse. IMB (Building Permit) is a permit from the local authority that is given to building owners when they want to build, expand, or even change them.

To be able to get an IMB, you need to meet a number of conditions and pay a fee for it. These costs include regional levies that have been regulated by regional regulations. When referring to the local regulations in South Jakarta, the cost of making a shop-house permit is Rp. 200,000.

The Best 2-Story Shophouse Design Inspiration

Determining the right design for a shop is not an easy matter. You need to pay attention to various aspects in order to meet customer interests. So as not to be confused, let’s look at some of the following minimalist, modern, and luxurious 2-storey shophouse design inspirations!

1. European Style Classical Shophouse Design

If you want a luxurious 2-storey shophouse design, try the European style that combines classic and modern themes at the same time. Besides being attractive, your business stall will also seem unique compared to shop houses in general.

The architecture of buildings with European concepts usually utilizes brick material and curves in the pillars and walls. The supporting furniture and decorations use a variety of cream colored motifs.

As a complement, try adding some 80s-themed posters to make the atmosphere much more classic and unique. Well, this design is suitable for any type of business.

2. Simple Shophouse Design with Dark Color

The use of dark colors can be one of the inspirations for the design of a simple 2-storey shophouse. This look would be very suitable if you run a clothing or shoe business. Later, you just have to adjust the furniture to the color of the walls, whether it’s brown, dark blue, gray, or even black.

Then, install several spotlights on a number of sides to make your selling product look attractive. You can also combine this design by using wood or stone materials. Although simple, your shop is guaranteed to look elegant.

3. Elegant Shophouse Design with Glass Material

Using glass material is also no less interesting when used as a design choice for a modern minimalist 2-storey shophouse. Especially if your business is selling products, such as hijab, clothes, shoes, and other accessories.

Not only does it make the shophouse look luxurious and elegant, the transparent glass material also provides its own charm because it will make it easier for customers to see the products you sell. Yes, even if it’s just passing by, it can indirectly attract the attention of potential buyers, you know.

The tip is use a wide glass to serve as a wall in the front area of the shop. You can also use glass material on stacking shelves in the room to enhance the appearance.

4. Shophouse Design with Basement

Having a special basement as a parking area is one of the crucial things that business people often forget. In fact, this area is the main need of potential customers when visiting your shop.

Although it sounds trivial, but there’s nothing wrong with providing a basement to be used as a large parking area for customers, right? Especially if the size of your 2-storey shophouse is wide enough.

For example, you want to apply a 10×20 2-storey shophouse design, try to set aside a little space to increase the parking facility. Guaranteed, this will provide a satisfying experience or customer journey.

5. Shophouse Design with Balcony

In addition to the basement, you can also consider the balcony as a modern minimalist 2-storey shophouse design option. Especially if you run a cafe business, having a mini balcony on the top floor is an interesting idea that can increase the appeal of your stall.

You can make the balcony as a special smoke- free area which at the same time offers beautiful views of the city. This will be one of the plus points for your cafe. To make it look more attractive, try combining it with a Scandinavian or industrial theme.

6. Shophouse Design with Rooftop

If you want to be more unique, you can try to make the best 2-storey shop floor plan by adding a rooftop area. Just like before, the rooftop is perfect for you to use if your business is a cafe business.

There are various rooftop designs that you can apply, ranging from monochrome themes, ornamental plants, mini gardens , and so on. Then, if the size of the 2-story shophouse is large enough, you can also create a lesehan concept using a beanbag or cancel sitting with a small table around it. Very interesting, isn’t it?

7. Scandinavian-Style Minimalist Shophouse Design

The Scandinavian interior theme is very suitable to use if you want a modern minimalist 2-storey shophouse design. In addition to being unique, the concept that combines the natural nuances of the northern part of Europe is also a favorite contemporary model among young people.

This simple 2-storey shophouse design will make your shop seem very simple but also elegant at the same time. Usually, the Scandinavian concept uses neutral colored furniture and furnishings, such as gray, white, beige, and white.

You can combine the interior in it by using wood or bamboo materials. In addition, natural lighting is also one of the main keys to Scandinavian design.

8. Luxury Shophouse Design

If you are looking for a suitable 2-storey 10×20 shophouse design, try using a luxurious and grand interior. Especially if you have a large enough budget to build the business stall. This model will make your shop look beautiful and classier.

Don’t get me wrong, the appearance of the shophouse is in fact very influential on buyer interest, you know. With a luxurious 2-storey shophouse design, potential customers tend to be more confident when visiting and don’t doubt the quality of your products.

9. Closed Shophouse Design

Shophouses don’t always have to display openness, you can also make shophouses more closed to provide privacy for customers who come. If indeed your business requires a private atmosphere, then this one design is perfect for you to apply.

In contrast to using a much more open glass as explained earlier. For that, you can use brick completely on the walls of the building. However, don’t forget to pay attention to the lighting in the room, okay?

Thus a collection of modern minimalist to luxurious 2-storey shophouse design inspirations that you can choose from. Well, considering the building model for business purposes is certainly not an easy thing. You certainly need to adapt the design to your needs.

Gallery of 9 Design Inspirations of 2-Story Shophouse, Minimalist and Modern

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