8 List of Elite Housing in Jakarta, Filled with Entrepreneurs & Artists!

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Because of its advantageous location, people frequently choose to live in the capital area. This factor inevitably affects the style and high cost of living of local residents. Also to property problems, many elite housing in Jakarta with fantastic prices have sprung up.

The location will certainly be suitable for the community among conglomerates who are looking forĀ  good quality housing as luxury. No wonder even some entrepreneurs and artists live in the area. So, which locations include elite housing in South, East, North and West Jakarta? Let’s see the list below!

Elite Residential Areas in South Jakarta

South Jakarta is one of the most strategic parts of the capital. Many entertainment venues and office access are a plus of the area. Well, here is the elite housing of South Jakarta as a reference for residence.


We know that Kemang is one of the areas containing luxury homes. Even the price of one property in the area can reach 200 billion rupiah. It is known that of artists such as Rossa, Maudy Ayunda, and Raditya Dika chose to live in kemang area, South Jakarta.

Beautiful Cottage

Next is the beautiful cottage area. The price range of elite housing in South Jakarta precisely Pondok Indah can even reach 400 billion rupiah. When viewed from the area, one house building can have an area of 2,000m2. Some of the artists who live in this area are Ahmad Dhani, Inul Daratista, Ruben Onsu, and Atta Halilintar.


Still an elite area in South Jakarta, Senopati also has a number of house and apartment properties at fantastic prices. One plot of land can reach 80 million rupiah per square meter. Senopati is also famous for its area which is close to many entertainment venues such as Empu Sendok Park, Mataram Park, and a number of Bars &Lounges.

List of Elite Housing in East Jakarta

Now let’s go to East Jakarta, the area is the largest administrative area in the capital. Which area is famous for the elite housing of this neighborhood? See more below!


Pulomas is an elite area option that can be said to be quite affordable compared to other areas in Jakarta. One square meter of land in this area is installed at a price of 22 million rupiah. One of the country artists who live in the Pulomas area is Nycta Gina.

Elite Residential Areas in North Jakarta

Furthermore, North Jakarta is an area that is directly adjacent to the Java Sea. Therefore, it can be said that export-import activities are centered in this area. A number of elite housing locations in North Jakarta are:


Do you often hear of Ancol tourist park? The area turned out to be the place of one of the elite housing in north Jakarta. To buy land area of 200 square meters, it is necessary to prepare funds as much as 3.5 billion rupiah. The artist known to live in this area is Jennifer Jill.

Kelapa Gading

Kelapa Gading is another area that is popular for its luxury. Property values in the region continue to increase over time. It even needs to spend 23 million rupiah for every square meter of land in the Kelapa Gading area. Artist Tina Toon and lawyer Hotman Paris chose to live in the area.

Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK)

No less expensive than other regions, PIK is used to being a conglomerate subscription to find a luxury home. Not only that, another supporting factor is that PIK is a strategic area because it is close to toll access. Crazy rich Helena Lim is known to live in the location of Pantai Indah Kapuk.

List of Elite Housing in West Jakarta

In addition to South Jakarta, you could say Jakbar is also the location closest to the capital’s activity center. So that the location can also be said to be quite strategic. The location of elite housing in West Jakarta is:

Beautiful Castle

Puri Indah is the capital’s central business district. The price of elite housing in West Jakarta can reach 30 million per square meter. The location is suitable for those of you who like to travel to other areas by plane because it is very close to Soekarno Hatta airport.

Features of Elite Housing in Jakarta

After getting to know some of the elite housing areas and prices in East, South, North and West Jakarta, you also need to know how to identify the housing as a prestigious luxury area. Check it out in the following points!

  1. Of course, the price of each property in a residential environment is quite high, usually these elite dwellings are sold at least hundreds of billions.
  2. Elite residential neighborhoods in South, East, North, and West Jakarta have a quiet atmosphere.
  3. Both the building and the land of the property are quite spacious.
  4. When viewed in terms of public facilities, elite housing in South, East, North and West Jakarta always provides exclusive facilities such as department stores, toll access, spacious parks, swimming pools, to golf courses.

Well, how? Is there an area that interests your heart? Now the elite housing is not just wishful thinking, you can find a property from the local neighborhood to be used as a place to live with family.

Gallery of 8 List of Elite Housing in Jakarta, Filled with Entrepreneurs & Artists!

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