Selling Strategy Houses in Kelapa Gading

Selling Strategy Houses in Kelapa Gading

As one of the elite areas located in North Jakarta, Kelapa Gading is also known as a flood subscription area during the rainy season. However, it turns out that this does not discourage people to look for homes for sale in Kelapa Gading and people to sell Kelapa Gading houses.

Do you want to sell a house in Kelapa Gading? Take it easy. Kelapa Gading area is still targeted by many investors and property developers. Yes, the price of land and property still rises and continues to skyrocket. Do not be surprised if the price of property in the Kelapa Gading area is generally above Rp2 billion.

Bambang Eka Jaya, as Vice Chairman of Real Estate Indonesia (REI) has even stated that Kelapa Gading which was previously known as a residential area only, has now developed and transformed to do business. Especially with the many commercial facilities there.

Need some entertainment? Kelapa Gading has a very large Kelapa Gading Mall complete with La Piazza (as a night snack), Mall of Indonesia, Kelapa Gading Square and so on. No wonder it feels if Kelapa Gading’s position is getting stronger as an elite settlement and a promising Central Business District.

Therefore, selling Kelapa Gading house is always a lot of enthusiasts. If you are interested in having a residence in the region, here are options from us!

Kelapa gading Permai

Look for selling Kelapa Gading house with a luxurious concept in kelapa gading permai area. The luxury housing here comes with a modern design concept. On average, the land area sold is 144 m2 and the building area is about 230 m2. The housing itself consists of 3 floors, 3 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, and 1 ART room. Easy access makes the house in Kelapa Gading Permai area sold at a price of Rp4.1 billion.

Sedayu City

There are also people who sell Kelapa Gading houses with a luxurious concept but still minimalist. The housing is Sedayu City with the concept of one stop green living. The price starts from Rp2 billion. Sedayu City has a beautiful design equipped with various facilities. Interestingly, this housing is designed with a loop system without dead end road so that traffic in the area feels more dynamic.

Pondok Gading Residence

There are also those who sell Kelapa Gading houses in Pondok Gading Residence. This luxurious housing in Kelapa Gading is designed with an elegant minimalist design.

With a building area of 65.45 m2 and a land area of 60 m2, this residence is suitable for young families who have just had children. The price of one unit of his house also tends to be more affordable, starting from Rp 1.5 billion only.

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