Pay Attention to These Costs When You Want to Buy a House

Pay Attention to These Costs When You Want to Buy a House

You’ve been dreaming of owning a home for a long time. Then save a long time to collect a down payment (DP) to buy a house. After collecting, you want to immediately hunt for your dream house? Wait a minute. The cost you need is not only the cost of buying a house. Even though the cost of buying a house comes from a home ownership loan (KPR), there is a home buying and selling tax that you must bear and also other costs such as mortgage fees.

Then what costs will arise if I want to buy a house?

Like buying and selling legal goods, buying and selling a house will incur other costs beyond the price of the house itself. Because the house is a property that is recognized by the state, its ownership is recorded, therefore it becomes a valuable asset. Especially if you buy with a mortgage service. The costs that will arise will be met by two parties. Both the seller and the buyer will be subject to fees or taxes. The types and values they bear are different. As a buyer, you will bear more types of fees or taxes.

First, the cost of a certificate check. As property whose ownership is recorded by the state, a certificate of ownership of a land/house is issued. However, in some cases, there are fake certificates. For that, this certificate needs to be checked for authenticity. Also who actually owns it. In addition, it is also necessary to check what type of land certificate is where the house stands, and the area of the land. This certificate is checked at the office of the State Land Agency (BPN). The cost of this inspection is in the range of hundreds of thousands of rupiah. You can also check this certificate yourself through BPN’s online service.

Second, the Cost of Acquisition of Land/Building Rights (BPHTB). Buying and selling is the transfer of ownership of something from the hands of the seller to the hands of the buyer. In the sale and purchase of land/building, the buyer is the party who acquires the rights to the land/building. The state levies a fee for this acquisition.

Third, the cost of making a Deed of Sale and Purchase (AJB). A sale and purchase is bound in a deed. Well, a Notary is a legal deed maker. As a service, they receive a fee paid by the buyer. Well, the government regulates the amount of this honorarium. According to Article 36 of Law Number 30 of 2004 concerning the Position of a Notary, the amount of the honorarium depends on the value of the land/house price.

For a transaction value of less than Rp. 100 million, the fee is 2.5 percent. Meanwhile, if the price of the house is between Rp. 100 million and Rp. 1 billion, the notary can receive an honorarium of 1.5 percent. If the sale and purchase is worth more than IDR 1 billion, the notary can receive a fee of 1 percent.

Fourth, Transfer of Names (BBN). If the owner of the house changes, the name in the certificate will also be changed. This process is called name transfer and there is a fee. If you buy a house from a developer, they are usually the ones who take care of this process. However, if you buy a house individually, then you can take care of it yourself or ask a notary to complete it. Generally, the value of BBN is 2 percent of the transaction value.

Fifth, Value Added Tax (VAT). As a valuable property, the buyer is also subject to this tax. The percentage is quite large, 10 percent. If you buy a property worth Rp. 1 billion, you can be subject to VAT of Rp. 100 million. If you buy a house from a developer, generally they have included this in the selling price of the house.

If you buy with a mortgage, there will be other costs in addition to the five costs above. For example the cost of mortgages, home insurance and so on. These additional costs need to be your notes before buying a house. If it’s ready and enough, go home hunting.

For those of you who are potential home buyers, of course you must know what costs must be incurred when you want to buy a house.

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