House Sale Prices in Tangerang – Start from 400 Million!

House Sale Prices in Tangerang - Start from 400 Million!

The data of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) shows that the number of residential needs in Jakarta reaches 11 million units. This condition is exacerbated by the increasingly high price of land for houses in Jakarta. In the area of Pondok Pinang, Sunter Jaya, and some areas in Jakarta, the price of the land can be up to IDR 50 million per meter.

It makes many people look for residential areas on the outskirts of Jakarta. Tangerang city  becomes a potential area for the commercial property in Jakarta, especially in South Tangerang.

All of the areas in Tangerang and South Tangerang were booming with a neat, tidy, and luxurious cityscape. That’s why the house sale prices in Tangerang are always up and being hunted by people as property.

The South Tangerang area is also intended to be used as a residential and business development area. We can see it in Bintaro Jaya, Pamulang, BSD City, Alam Sutera, Ciputat, and also in Tangerang, such as Legok, Cisauk, and Parung Panjang.

There are many construction stand and grow rapidly. It makes many developers interested in establishing new projects in this region.

Shopping mall area is also develop in South Tangerang area: Aeon Mall, Bintaro Jaya Xchange, IKEA, Qbiq, and Lulu Hypermarket that is opened for the first time in Dubai. Massive infrastructure development has also grown in this area.

How Much the House Sale Price in Tangerang?

As the development in this area increases, the house sale prices is also increasing in Tangerang.  How much do you think? The price actually varies, depending on which area you are heading to.

Dago Terrace Hill

The house sale prices in Tangerang, precisely in Dago Terrace Hill developed by Dituka Rahardja Ltd. which is joined by the Duta Putra Group, is offered from IDR 400 million. While type 90197  is offered at a price of up to IDR 700 million.

The housing is located on Arteri BSD street – Parung. The following areas have been widely occupied by many families because they are close to Rawabuntu station, which connects Jakarta with the BSD area as well as various infrastructures in the BSD area.

Suvarna Sutera

If you are looking for the house sale prices in Tangerang, try looking for residential and business areas in Suvarna Sutera developed by Delta Mega Persada Ltd. This residential area is offered with a varied price which is actually close with the sale prices of the Gading Serpong and Bumi Serpong Damai residential areas.

If you are looking for a house type 46102 , it will take approximately IDR 500 million. Meanwhile, for the size of the  house 170250 the highest price  reaches approximately IDR 2 billion.

Citra Raya Tangerang

This residential area is a part of Ciputra Group. Actually, Citra Raya Tangerang is an integrated city of approximately 2,760 acres that has been developed since 1994.

If you are looking for information on selling houses in Tangerang, you can check out the Cluster Avante, which has a price range of IDR 488 million. In this cluster there are several house options ranging from building area and land area 2760 to 49- 5696 square yards.

If you have enough money, choose a housing with land area and building area 2760 to 3372 square yards which is offered starting at Rp500 millions.


Do you want to find a house that has a Japanese feel in Tangerang? You can find it on Daisan. The location of the housing is a collaboration of Swan City and Mitsubishi Estate Residence with flood-free claims.

Swan City has previously developed the Lavon I and Lavon II housing projects, which are also located in Tangerang.

The area is precisely in Tangerang New City, Tangerang with a land area of 27.7 acres. In here, there are approximately six clusters, namely Tokyo, Fuji, Osaka, Kyoto, Hokkaido, Ginza, to Fukuoka with prices ranging from IDR 888 million. This housing presents the nuance of living in nature with innovative design.

For your information, the residential complex features three beautiful artificial lakes, 30 species of parks scattered throughout the house, and more than 50 pocket park that also act as water management systems. Those are some of the housing and house sale prices in Tangerang. Let’s find your dream house there!

Gallery of House Sale Prices in Tangerang – Start from 400 Million!

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