New Home Moving Guide: Terms, Ways, Preparations and Tips

New Home Moving Guide: Terms, Ways, Preparations and Tips

Are you planning to move house? First and foremost, you must be aware of specific processes and preparations in order for the moving process to go successfully. People also assume that shifting to a new residence necessitates their own time and procedures..

Terms of Moving House

Make sure you and your partner and family pay attention to the following vital needs to avoid being annoyed and uncomfortable when occupying a new residence:

1. Prepare and arrange all transfer letters early

Not only is it necessary to pack all of the items that will be relocated to a new home. You must also look after the transfer letter. These various moving documents are very important because they concern the legality of old houses and new homes, especially if you buy a house with a mortgage system. What important documents do you need? Call it starting from ID cards, ID card change letters, home insurance letters, tax letters, to home ownership letters and so on.

2. The new house is ready to live

Before moving a new house, you certainly need to make sure that the new house you will live in is ready to be directly inhabited. Make sure the situation is at least two weeks before you will actually inhabit a new home.

Check the ideal construction of the house, the shape of the building that is suitable to be occupied, electricity, water, to other things regarding the level of comfort and safety of the family in the new house later. Also, do not forget to make sure the sanitation is installed completely and smoothly. The sanitation system in question is starting from clean water from PAM or if you use well water.

Preparation for Moving House

Moving house is not as easy. You also need to make preparations to move house by paying attention to some of the things below:

1. Find and choose a transfer service provider

Currently, there are many choices of transfer service providers. But of course not all available services can match your expectations and needs. Look for house transfer services to make your relocation process less limited and more efficient.

2. Calculate in more detail the cost of moving house

Just like setting up a house, you also need the cost to move house. It doesn’t hurt to calculate first how much transportation costs you need to spend to move house. The goal is that you can set aside funds or even incur additional costs if needed to move house.

3. Make a special note

One of the important things you need to do when moving house is to make a special note for all the needs of moving into your home. Thus, then you will be able to re-record the various needs needed to move house. Make an estimate of what needs to be realized in the time you have determined.

How to Move to a New Home

Are you ready to move into a new home next week? Don’t just move around. It’s a good idea for you and your family to understand and do the procedures for moving to a new house as follows:

1. Thank God and say prayers

The main way to move to a new home is to be grateful and offer prayers to God. This is because in fact, God Himself has blessed you as a family to enjoy a new home and other sustenance. Be thankful and say a prayer. Thus, undoubtedly the journey of your life as a family will become smoother and get many blessings.

2. Visit the neighbor of the house

It cannot be denied, visiting a neighbor’s house is also a thing that should not be spared from the procedure of moving a new house. This is because neighbors are adab or attitude in the nearest environment. The trick is to maintain a good relationship with them. Introduce yourself and your partner. Inform that in the near future you and your family will live in the house that you will live in. In order for the introduction to be warmer, there is nothing wrong with you also bringing a hand for a close neighbor.

3. Sterilization of the house outside and inside

Today, you need to be more alert to various viruses, germs, and diseases. It doesn’t hurt to sterilize the house. Sterilization in question can be fogging to avoid insects to mosquitoes that trigger dengue fever.

Tips for Moving House

Okay, the scenario is that you and your family are ready to move into a new house this week. Then are there any tips on moving house so that the comfort and safety of your family can be guaranteed? Of course. Make sure you do some of the following:

1. Choosing the right time

For you office workers, surely you will be busy with various activities on weekdays. Therefore, you can choose the time of the weekend or the preferred saturday. Why is that so? By choosing Saturday, then you still have one day to rest before returning to work activities on Monday. In addition to determining the right day, the hours of moving house also need to be considered. You are advised to avoid moving house at night. This is because at night, the atmosphere becomes dark so it is feared that it can interfere with the moving process. Therefore, it is better to start arranging a house move in the morning.

2. Grettings before entering a new house

Saying greetings when going to a new place is not just a formality, it needs to be done to show good attitude. Similarly, when we want to enter someone else’s house or someone else’s house, greetings also need to be said when entering a new home. In addition to making the atmosphere more “homey”, giving a good mistake also acts as a prayer for everyone who shelters in the house.

The process of moving house can be said to be one step that you need to prepare when starting a new life in a new environment as well. For that, there is nothing wrong with applying some of the above stages when moving a new house. Good luck!

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