Alam Sutera House for Sale: Here are the Choices of Homes and Facilities

Alam Sutera House for Sale: Here are the Choices of Homes and Facilities

If you are planning to buy a house or property in the South Tangerang area, there is one area that is in high demand because it is an integrated area complete with various facilities: Alam Sutera. So, don’t be surprised if the house for sale by Alam Sutera is selling well untill now.

Alam Sutera has a land area of 800 hectares. Over time, this area developed into an independent and modern city internally. So, what exactly makes this area so sought after by people looking to use it as a place to live or invest in property?

Shopping Centers in Alam Sutera

In an area that is inhabited by many new families, there are various shopping facilities to meet their daily needs that are located not far from the area where they live.

Call it shopping centers such as Alam Sutera Mall, Giant, Pasar 8, Living World, to Flavor Bliss. Even if you want to dress up your home or complete your sports gear, Alam Sutera is also known for its IKEA and Decathlon. Interested?

The Beautiful of Alam Sutera Area

As mentioned above, Alam Sutera has a land area of 800 hectares. Even though it already has various facilities and is sprinkled with many tall buildings and entertainment centers, Alam Sutera still prioritizes the beauty of its location.

When you buy a house for sale by Alam Sutera, you will also be spoiled with various shady trees here.

Health and Education Facilities in Alam Sutera

When you buy one of the houses for sale in Alam Sutera, you will also certainly have easy access to the nearest health facility.

Call it EMC Hospital or previously known as Omni Hospital. Professional medical services supported by capable doctors make this hospital reliable.

If you need a doctor outside EMC Hospital, you can also go to Eka Hospital, Medika BSD Hospital, and Bethsaida Hospital.

What about children’s schools? Don’t worry, when you buy a house for sale by Alam Sutera, you can choose several schools that are suitable for your little one. For example, Little Thinkers Preschool, Santa Laurentia, Binus School Serpong, Stella Maris School, Sinarmas World Academy, and Santa Ursula in BSD.

Home For Sale Alam Sutera My Prospect’s Choice

Well, from the series of advantages above, you will of course start to look and look for a row of houses for sale Alam Sutera that you can have. Check out some of the following housing:

Daru Raya

The house for sale, Alam Sutera, the choice of Prospeku, you need to look at is Daru Jaya. This housing is housing at affordable prices with premium quality.

You only need to spend starting from Rp. 200 million, you can already buy a house with a beautiful environment and fresh air. Daru Raya is located in a strategic location because it is close to the planned Serpong toll road and also Daru Station.

There are at least four types of residential units that you can choose from in this house, namely Azzura type 30⁄60, Jade type 36⁄72, Opal type 28⁄70, and Ruby type 36⁄72.

Cluster Oxalis at Metland Puri

The next house for sale in Alam Sutera is Cluster Oxalis at Metland Puri. The following cluster is located in Metland, which is close to the Karang Tengah toll gate. For those of you who are still working in Jakarta, this housing is the right choice. Moreover, this housing is also very close to Soekarno Hatta International Airport.

Other facilities from this cluster that you can get are one gate system, CCTV, a jogging track, and sports fields. Enough with prices starting from Rp. 900 million, you can get this Alam Sutera house for sale.

Suvarna Sutera

Next up is Suvarna Sutera. This Alam Sutera house for sale is an environmentally friendly housing concept that is energy efficient.

With house prices starting from IDR 900 million, this housing also applies a smart home system and a smart lock that makes a residence safer and more secure.

Then, its location close to the Cikupa toll gate will make it easy for those of you who live in Suvarna Sutera to travel to Jakarta or the surrounding area. Suitable to be used as a residence for those of you who work in Jakarta or as an investment.

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