Houses for sale in Cinere: these are the reasons you should buy them

Houses for sale in Cinere: these are the reasons you should buy them

Many people think that house prices are increasing sky-high every year. Not only in Jakarta, sub-urban areas such as Bekasi, Bogor, Tangerang, and Cinere Depok are also considered unaffordable. But, is that so?

Not completely wrong, but not completely right either. Considering that not a few are still looking for houses for sale in these areas, such as houses for sale in Bekasi, houses for sale in Tangerang, and even houses for sale in Cinere, Depok.

Due to the increasing need to own a house in the millennial and post-millennial generations, many developers are also marketing and prioritizing sub-urban areas as new residential areas.

The prices also vary. Some start from Rp. 200 million to over Rp. 1 billion. However, usually with this budget, the houses you get are minimalist small houses of type 36 or type 45 with a land area of ​​less than 90 m2.

This is also supported by various other facilities, such as a fitness center, guaranteed security, and the surrounding infrastructure.

If you are single or have just had a small family, a residence with a land area and building area as above is sufficient. All you have to do is prepare your heart and funds to buy your dream home.

So, has Depok become one of your destinations for owning a property? If so, be reassured by listening to the various reasons why people buy houses for sale in Cinere, Depok below.

Strategic location

Cinere is close to the capital city of Jakarta. Its proximity to the capital often makes people think that Cinere is part of the South Jakarta area.

Well, the boundary between Cinere and the south of Jakarta tends to be invisible. You will only see small monuments in several locations (close to Cinere Mall), which can be considered as a barrier between Jakarta and Depok.

This strategic location is the reason why houses for sale in Cinere remain the target of people. So, even though it belongs to the Depok area, you can still use South Jakarta facilities easily.

Not to forget the construction of the Cijago Toll Road Project, namely the Cinere Jagorawi Toll Road, which reportedly has arrived at Section 3 (Kukusan – Cinere) and is targeted to operate by February 2022. This facility is certainly a plus for those who own property in Cinere.

In addition, the next section is Kukusan-Limo, which is planned to be completed in June 2022. Meanwhile, sections 1 and 2 of the Cijago Toll Road have been operating optimally.

Cinere is known for its traffic jams? It seems not anymore. The completion of construction on section 3 of the Cijago Toll Road is believed to be able to help improve the connectivity of the JORR 2 Toll Road, which will have a positive impact on reducing traffic jams in the center of Depok City.

It doesn’t stop there. The government, which has developed the JORR 2 (Jakarta Outer Ring Road 2) toll road, will reportedly connect Depok with Cibitung, Serpong, and Bekasi.

Not to mention that the Desari toll road will also be forwarded to the BORR (Bogor Outer Ring Road) in the near future. The toll road will later connect Depok with Ciawi and Sukabumi. Interesting, right?

Complete Public Facilities

The reason people buy houses for sale in Cinere, Depok is the public facilities which are very adequate.

Besides being a gathering place for quality universities, Depok is also surrounded by various public facilities that are comfortable for its citizens.

If you need entertainment at a shopping center, you can choose from Margo City, DMall, Pesona Square, ITC Depok, Depok Town Square, or other shopping centers.

Health facilities in Depok are also quite complete. For example, Puri Cinere Hospital, Siloam Puri Cinere Hospital, Fatmawati Hospital, Mayapada Hospital Lebak Bulus, and Siloam TB Simatupang Hospital.

Talking about transportation options, Cinere is a city with a strategic location and easy access. If you and your family tend to rely on public transportation, you can use the Electric Rail Train (KRL) which is connected to Jakarta, Bekasi, Bogor, Tangerang, and Banten. Do not forget also other public transportation, such as buses and public transportation.

All of these facilities are certainly the main attraction for people who are looking for houses for sale in Cinere.

Are you tempted to keep looking for and owning a house for sale in Cinere, Depok? You can visit several residential areas that are on the rise, such as Graha 6 Cinere, Permata Green Cinere, Grand Purnama Residence, Mega Cinere, Casa Merabella Residence, Green Cinere, and Samara Residence.

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